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Day 1,326, 06:56 by Hun Atila


Pa da ne boste samo mislili da samo sprejemam sube jih tudi dajem in oddal sem jih že 1071.

2.5 golda bo donirano na državni račun oz. na Slovenska banka

No pa sem dobil MMM. Hvala res vsem ki so mi dali sub. Sedaj pa kot že omenjeno sledijo nagrade.

1. nagrada gre votu 323 oz.Tayaraa
2. nagrada gre votu 356 oz. OldOne
3. nagrada gre votu 358 oz. TRTE T
4. nagrada gre votu 152 oz. blagojche1995
in še zadnja 5. nagrada gre votu 258 oz. Csani-Ryan

Čestitam vsem izžrebancem. Nagrade so že podeljene.

Lep pozdrav, Hun Atila


Hello everyone!

And now I get it also. And that I show you that I don't just colect subs I gave them also. For now I sub allready 1071 news.

2.5 gold will be donate to my country account on Slovenska Banka

And now the winners of my Prize competition:

1. reward go to vote 323 aka.Tayaraa
2. reward go to vote 356 aka. OldOne
3. nagrada gre votu 358 aka. TRTE T
4. nagrada gre votu 152 aka. blagojche1995
and the last one 5. reward go to vote 258 aka. Csani-Ryan

Congratz to all winners. The rewards are allready in the Winners storage.

Have a nice day, Hun Atila!



Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 1,326, 06:57

cestitke : )

cuo sam da nam adminka sprema neke nove misije mozda se pojave vec danas...

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