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Misija - treći deo

Day 1,872, 15:37 Published in USA Serbia by senka senke

Dear senka senke,
Recently, you have created content which was declared to be not legal.
Content type: article Content info: O slobodnom novinarstvu u eSrbiji i šire Reason: Flaming You can see all your penalties in your Law Infringements List page.
Best regards,
Your eRepublik team
Thou shall not contaminate the New World with filth such as External advertising, Spam,Insults, Pornography, Vulgarity or Racism.
Content type: Article
Reason: Flaming

Zaključak: piši o čemu god, samo ne o temi u kojoj će se neko prepoznati.



pospana Day 1,872, 15:46


Borislav Gojkovic
Borislav Gojkovic Day 1,872, 15:49

Lepo ; )

SajIer Day 1,872, 16:06


Rastko1991 Day 1,873, 03:19

Deo Vindice
Deo Vindice Day 2,475, 17:41


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