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Ministry of Community Daily Quiz 4

Day 1,846, 08:14 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1
Winners of previous Quiz:
1)Ali Gtm (8 Q7)
2)ecoo36 (10 Q6)
3)Shan Ansari (5 Q6)
4)untrusty (250 q2 food)

1.Kismat (1 Q6)
2.Ali Gtm
4.Shan Ansari
6.vrsoldiers (1 Q6)

1. The rope was not tied to anything on the other side so the donkey could easily move to the bale of hay.
2.Coal, Charcoal or whatever you like to call it.

New Quiz:
1.What year in this century is the same when its number is turned upside down?
2.A dog trotted all the way across a lake without sinking into the lake. How did he do this?

Time Limit is till 00:01 eDay 1848 ;)

Minister of Community ePakistan
Chief Editor, The Muz Times


Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Day 1,847, 07:58


St0L3n1 Day 1,847, 08:33

Hats off to you dude

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