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Mick & Nicky & prolly Majester again oh why

Day 2,162, 05:44 by bk83

I love you all but whhhyyy do you make it so harrd? grrrr

Majester has to run again because he always does and if he doesn't it would be wrong! hehe

Mick I stay with you 4eva. You were kind to me when i joined the game and gave me a wonderful chance to be in the government. you didn't care how young I was or what kind of training I needed. you're the best xxxxx

Nicky i don't know you at all but Mick likes you and speaks nicely about you in our chats. I'm very cross with Flatty he was such a nice guy and it doesn't matter how many flies he has in his soup there's no need to be so rude and horrible to Mick. You have to be you're own guy!! If you don't i'll get cross at you too!!!!

Geluk Majester if you run again!

i looovvvveeee Australia with all my heart and love the people in it even if they forget who they are when they ask people 2 vote 4them.

Be yourselves and speak from the <3
I'm on ARP and the Mick4Auz team but i respect you all 2 go forward and respect each other. good luck everybody!!




lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,162, 06:26

actually mick and nicky seem to have a deep respect for each other so there is nothing "rude and horible" between them

bk83 Day 2,162, 08:43

Mick and Nicky seem alright but Nicky isn't calling the shots in your party Flatty is and he's not being his usual self. Him and Mick were like brothers until all this party nonsense came into it.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 2,232, 08:45

This is a Mick Gatto multi...also -

to bk83 -

I'll ask again considering you keep ignoring me -

What reason did you have to brand myself and Claire Louise racist? Where is your proof and why did you come to that conclusion? Also why do you refuse to answer this question whenever I ask you to explain your disgusting accusations? No proof? Well the loudest vessels make the most noise.

Secondly, a gamer you claimed to know in real life - TianaC was banned for operating multi accounts - in her first article she states you two are friends. Who is she ''Bree' and was she an account you set up along with this one - a certain Brianna Davey. Care to explain or why you keep deleting articles when I ask this...same as the account formerly known as Mick Gatto? He seems to delete articles when I ask him questions as well and you both are never on at the same time. Odd that.

You can keep Ignoring me despite your vile accusations when that racist scum Gatto was around but I will keep asking

sapi.tempur Day 2,162, 07:27

peace bro peace.........

vergolian Day 2,162, 22:01

I got no major issues with Nicky and certainly nothing we can't sort out. I only wish he was more honest to me with his plans and we could have worked around them.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 2,163, 01:24

Voted for the Bree \o/

Mickskitz Day 2,163, 10:06

Just keep in mind that not all players are going to get along and not everything is as simple as it appears on the surface. Sometimes the way people act with certain players is due to their experiences with them.

TianaC Day 2,163, 10:40

Comment deleted

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,163, 14:58

God forbid....choice

Fidel Castro died
Fidel Castro died Day 2,164, 03:36

We love you too Voted o7

infin Day 2,164, 03:52


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