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List of satisfied citizens of eRepublik

Day 1,560, 07:04 Published in Croatia Serbia by gogo master

1. Plato
2. Hrcozgb
3. The Vibess
4. Marinko Margarin
5. LLuX
6. Hoffa13
7. FanaticZD
8. Koyaanisqatsi Max
9. Darko Rora
10. spirit dark
11. JustNosfe
12. tasos maximous
13. marko6669999
14. Harry Potthead
15. cicotan
16. Haskos
17. francek_2009
18. sinisa1987
19. Kelemeta
20. 8-3=1
21. Ivan Alexashenko
22. Ante-os
23. Whisky Warrior
24. ilphen
25. Citizen 007
26. s_e_a
27. Brangor
28. OrgyOfHate
29. DzontraVolta
30. JablanCro
31. kiril pabel
32. Adriatic_Rage
33. PWhite
34. Andrej.M
35. Amer BiH
36. Ivomir
37. Orzhov
38. Cavarinho
39. CryingLightningPt
40. alex_the_dwarf
41. CaMoMuHaBaM
42. Duh sa Sjekirom
43. figuar_zg
44. Formic
45. serhio buskez
46. krispo

anyone else ? :)

ps: I thought that the list will be shorter, I guess I'm wrong, there are already 45 satisfied citizens, not including Plato :/


NH blackarow
NH blackarow Day 1,560, 07:05

please put me on the list

The Vibess
The Vibess Day 1,560, 07:06

please put me on the list. x2

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,560, 07:07

please put me on the list. x3

AlenJax Day 1,560, 07:07

i see dead people

John Lock3
John Lock3 Day 1,560, 07:07

Dodaj ovog na listu

DiegoIceAge Day 1,560, 07:09

I'm satisfied : )

FanaticZD Day 1,560, 07:09

me too


Hoffa13 Day 1,560, 07:11

I am bursting of satisfaction !!!!

Hoffa13 Day 1,560, 07:11

P.S. LLuX is a n00b (:

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,560, 07:12

Hm, not so satified with the traininggrounds upgrade.

Aquilamk Day 1,560, 07:12

I love to spend my money on this game xD

Mulac123 Day 1,560, 07:13

lol vote+sub X D

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,560, 07:15

More satisfied recently than prior months.

DisDuck Day 1,560, 07:15

The upgrades pay for themselves pretty fast through faster SS medals.

Hoffa13 Day 1,560, 07:18

put me between LLuX and FZD!!!

DiegoIceAge Day 1,560, 07:19

omg omg

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,560, 07:19

Yeah but you still wont catch me Daniel :P

TemujinBC Day 1,560, 07:20

I cannot afford rent or food or gasoline. Because I 'play' eRepublik.


Darko Rora
Darko Rora Day 1,560, 07:20

please put me on the list

Thanater0s Day 1,560, 07:20

i'll be satisfied when they will add vaseline on purchase too

alpho Day 1,560, 07:24

I'm satisfied with my new erep porn collection

spirit dark
spirit dark Day 1,560, 07:25

add me 2

nekrofila Day 1,560, 07:27

Hoffa13 e женчо

dedo mraz 78
dedo mraz 78 Day 1,560, 07:28

Измени - Ден 1560 [Дедо Мраз]

Jorgihnio Day 1,560, 07:28

Hoffa13 e женчо

tiln Day 1,560, 07:29


JustNosfe Day 1,560, 07:31

i need to be on that list as well

JustNosfe Day 1,560, 07:32

i want to hump Spirit Dark

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,560, 07:32

I'm satisfied

BeDva Day 1,560, 07:33

add george lemnaru and alexis bonte, the true "plato"

Elbert Gong
Elbert Gong Day 1,560, 07:35

I want number 13, but hard to tell if i'm satisfied : D I don't have gold for that : D
I made only one upgrade : (

Hiperion1 Day 1,560, 07:35

put me on the list

Harry Potthead
Harry Potthead Day 1,560, 07:37

pls. put me on da list

Dead.Man Day 1,560, 07:40

I am satisfied

Haskos Day 1,560, 07:40

Oh yes I am satisfied as hell \o/

4040 Day 1,560, 07:42

Хофа е женчоооо!

NH blackarow
NH blackarow Day 1,560, 07:43

plato is dead, put me as no1

yIssei Day 1,560, 07:47

Please, put me on the list. x199

DancingAstronaut Day 1,560, 07:50

im satisdide too i like erepublik so much

MDejzi Day 1,560, 07:52

put me on list

8-3=1 Day 1,560, 07:53

i am very satisfied @_@

Zimniy Veter
Zimniy Veter Day 1,560, 07:58

Hail Plato!

Ivan Alexashenko
Ivan Alexashenko Day 1,560, 08:01

Please put me on the list )
One of the first)

Ante-os Day 1,560, 08:02

please put me on the list :)

Dead.Man Day 1,560, 08:06

I hope Plato makes q7 factories for 2000 G each! )

Zuntale Day 1,560, 08:12

Its a "free" simple to understand, easy to eProffit in game, why not be satisfied.
It does have a few issues but WTF doesnt have.

ILhan Ex
ILhan Ex Day 1,560, 08:14

I already have q7 but i`m not allowed to sell them on the market because there is no option for that.
And it was 1650g on special offer

B i g Bad W o l f
B i g Bad W o l f Day 1,560, 08:17

I'm in too : P

ilphen Day 1,560, 08:22

im satisfied too! \o

Citizen 007
Citizen 007 Day 1,560, 08:27

add me to the List

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