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Last week kills Armed Forces of Austria

Day 2,168, 07:13 by OEBernd

Stats of the last week of the Armed forces of Austria.

Army Registration form
If you change your ingamename pls fill out the form again, if you didn´t get weapons pls write me a pm.

Thanx Killerd for donating the weapons, Thx for storing them Schwrzwolf.

This time we are able to send 1139 Q7 weapons!
-> We reduced the daily weapons from 7 to 5 <-
Will take some time to donate the weapons



Here is a collection of links that can help you.


Geheimdokument Day 2,168, 07:46

Lol geile Toilette

denischu Day 2,168, 08:55

I am climbing up to that toilet!!!

wschwabe Day 2,168, 12:31

true mens do it like tim taylor; drill a hole into the roof

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 2,169, 08:44


cyberkoc Day 2,169, 12:34


Gullberg Day 2,169, 13:42

only wolf wien can complete this toilet-task

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