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Last week kills Armed Forces of Austria

Day 2,168, 07:13 Published in Austria Austria by OEBernd

Stats of the last week of the Armed forces of Austria.

Army Registration form
If you change your ingamename pls fill out the form again, if you didn´t get weapons pls write me a pm.

Thanx Killerd for donating the weapons, Thx for storing them Schwrzwolf.

This time we are able to send 1139 Q7 weapons!
-> We reduced the daily weapons from 7 to 5 <-
Will take some time to donate the weapons



Here is a collection of links that can help you.


Geheimdokument Day 2,168, 07:46

Lol geile Toilette

denischu Day 2,168, 08:55

I am climbing up to that toilet!!!

wschwabe Day 2,168, 12:31

true mens do it like tim taylor; drill a hole into the roof

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 2,169, 08:44


Cyberkoc Day 2,169, 12:34


Gullberg Day 2,169, 13:42

only wolf wien can complete this toilet-task

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