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Day 2,417, 04:03 Published in Nigeria Malaysia by Sisk

We now have 3 candidates now for this Presidential election !

● Please stay involved and participate in this election. I am trying to offer you as much information about each candidate that I can.
● Keep your minds open for the qualities each candidate has to offer our country.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself in-game and in real life.
Hello. My nick is dsturzoiu and I am a proud citizen of eNigeria. I was Country President in Romania when we formed ASTERIA
iRL I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am 27 Years old

2. NIGERIA is a new country in eRepublik. What plans do you have for the fresh future of the country.
First of all, we have to free our territories. Right now we are occupied by Greece and Argentina. We will liberate the regions occupied by Argentina, as I promised in my articles.
In the near future I want to win the CP elections and start a long term plan for this beautiful country, to make some connections with our powerful neighbours and friends

3. The population is small and more or less inactive . What plans do you have to increase the activity in the country.
Our population is quite active but the past events divided our country in three. One part who is close to ASTERIA’s countries, with many connections in their native countries and who are willing to get Nigeria a protected country. Another part is Alex’s side who see ASTERIA as a bad alliance and who want to have friends like Russia, a country that is attacking and occupying a new country like us, Georgia. And the third part of our people are those who have no interest on any matter :)

4. Tell us about your goals for the country
First of all I want to win the CP elections. After that I want to have serious talks with the head of ASTERIA. I talked already with their Leader and I got positive answers from him. Then I will make some MPPs with our neighbours and assure Nigeria with strong MPPs.
I want to be in permanent discussion with our congressmen to discuss all of our laws we will launch every time. I want to hear any idea from nigerian people and analyze them

5. How do you feel about transparency in government and communication in general?
Generally, transparency in any administration consolidate the confidence of people in their leaders. In our country, this month was a lack of communication and that fact decreased the confidence in the administration.

6. As a small country, we need all the friends we can get. How do you feel about MPPs and how would you get them.
This idea is wrong. We need to be very prudent when we choose our allies. Because we can make a huge mistake if we make bad choices.

7. Any plans for a future war or a training war
Beside get free our regions I have no intentions in the close future. We have to get Nigeria an organized country, with honorable leaders and trusted allies and after that we can see if we are able to attack another countries

8. What plans do you have for making the nigerian community more tight
As I said before, I want gather trusted players on my administration, people who are willing to help me to get Nigeria an important country and listen every nigerian citizen ideas

I will say more in the presidential article. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my fellow countrymen my honest intentions regarding our country

“My rank is the highest known in the world: I'm a free citizen.”


OanaNicoleta Day 2,417, 07:59


Tyxy Day 2,417, 08:30

2. spam

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 2,417, 09:52


Transilvania is Romania
Transilvania is Romania Day 2,417, 13:02

spaga la mine!

K1tho Day 2,417, 15:47


Oothere Day 2,417, 16:28

"7. Any plans for a future war or a training war
Beside get free our regions I have no intentions in the close future. We have to get Nigeria an organized country, with honorable leaders and trusted allies and after that we can see if we are able to attack another countries"

What no Plans?? and apart from freeing regions. Besides we could build a community program to help the young citizens get active each day. There are lots of new citizens that just come and go.

Stefan.cel.Mare Day 2,417, 21:53

If you payed more attention the question was about a war plan, not plans in general.
If you'd read further, the next question was about plans for the nigerian community, where I answered

I want to think you wrote that just by mistake, not because your support from this month for CP elections

Oothere Day 2,418, 04:01

You are still not descriptive. If you look at both interview you will see that I made a comment on question number 7.

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