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Interview with simnida

Day 1,865, 07:52 by Kim Young
Hello citizens of North Korea,
My campaign for the interviews is going pretty well and my guest today is simnida of North Korea . He will gladly answer my questions.

1. Who are you in RL ?

I'm a university graduate in china . I as a reporter in a newspaper office. I am a member of the Communist Party of China in RL.

2.And who are you in the game? Tell us about your eLife.

I was born in eChina at 2011 and became a member of Saturn Community, I won 2 Congress medals. And left the game for months.When I came back, I went to North Korea.

3. Why simnida ? Where does it come from?

“Siminda” is a modal particle in Korean.

4. What did attract you and what keeps you in the game?

Making friends and spending my leisure time.

5.Do you have a favorite module in the game? Which and why is it better than the others?

Elections and newspaper are quite a fun.

6. Do you have a favorite moment in the eHistory of China or North Korea?

When China won the Battle of Lazio( .

7. Do you see any mistakes or failures you have done and do you regret for doing something?

I left EREP a few months ago,because I was very busy in RL.

8.What are we missing in order to be better?

Maybe communication and mutual understanding , we should invite more friends to play this game.

Yours sincerely,
Kim Young


Pyramidicus DVT Day 1,865, 08:01

Comment deleted

dawenxi Day 1,865, 08:53


KevinYu Day 1,866, 06:05

Kim,guess who will be our next president ?

lovecatlove Day 1,875, 16:08


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