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Interesting news around the eWorld

Day 1,689, 07:52 by Brave heart_95

Hello dear readers

It has been a long time since I`ve written an article but it is time I got back to this module again, my friend khantervel inspired me to do it. But lets focus on the main part now.

There are some interesting things going on in our eWorld. First with Canadian CP - Rylde`s article today:

It basically says that a new alliance will be formed between these countries: Brazil, USA, Spain and Poland, who want to remove the attention from the Balkans, will fight only to secure 100/100 bonuses and against all EDEN, ONE... everybody.

Here comes a question to USA and Brazil: Are you ready to sacrifice the ones you called brothers and still call brothers, weren`t you part of a BROTHERHOOD?

Then come these shouts:
Prevent treachery! Vote GloveIsLove!

>>> Vote instructions for TEDEN citizens with USA CS

I mean WTF? Vote instructions for TEDEN citizens with USA CS ???
I think that nobody can do that to a normal country. Look what your brothers are doing eUSA citizens and think if they are true brothers. They even have your CS not to help or anything but just for the bonuses.

Best wishes
Brave heart




Brave heart_95
Brave heart_95 Day 1,689, 08:02

Brotherhood going down, going down, going down

alexd0 Day 1,689, 08:08


dmb23 Day 1,689, 08:09

[EN] Now, you can buy up 500 Votes on Grover!

NO CARRIER Day 1,689, 08:18

кво речи?

galenaandrea Day 1,689, 08:21


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,689, 08:45


Evry is going to ally with Spain & Poland... that is why we must vote Glove.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,689, 09:26


JOKAZOWNS Day 1,689, 09:29

o7 V

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,689, 10:46

go to sleep BRO.

vpablo Day 1,689, 11:01


Jorgihnio III
Jorgihnio III Day 1,689, 11:59

Shout!/ Моля за съб!/Please sub this one./ Няма и 40 останаха./ Less than 40 left.

hailey daark
hailey daark Day 1,689, 13:41


rtdimitrov Day 1,689, 13:41

не ми се чете ама съм ти длъжник вот

rommelTaiwan Day 1,689, 20:11


Mizia Trachia Machedonia
Mizia Trachia Machedonia Day 1,721, 17:48

s783 Имаш съб от мен, моля и ти да се абонираш за моя вестник.

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