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Inauguration of the other MoD camps

Day 1,910, 22:57 by Al Raposas

Today, on February 11, 2013 (Day 1910), the Ministry of Defense inaugurates the other camps that are now under their respective military units:

*Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino:
- Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Timawa (Palawan)
- Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Pintados (Visayas)
- Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Maharlika (Mindanao)

- Camp Paul Delos Santos (Luzon)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Kagawaran ng Tanggulang Pambansa.

Yours truly,
Al Raposas
Minister of Defense
Interim Speaker
Captain of PMA Regiment 4
Duke of Luzon


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,911, 04:43


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,911, 06:30


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,911, 06:30


Franck S
Franck S Day 1,911, 10:58


Kapetan Barbossa
Kapetan Barbossa Day 1,911, 17:02

I dont get it?

kmm225 Day 1,912, 14:08


Kapetan Barbossa
Kapetan Barbossa Day 1,912, 17:07

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Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,912, 19:04

The names of the camps of HMP are based on the warrior classes in Ancient Philippines
- Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Timawa (Palawan)
Timawa is widely used in Visayas and in Luzon. Since Palawan, is ususally debated on whether it is a part of Luzon or Visayas, I used Timawa in Palawan.

- Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Pintado (Visayas) (*I am removing the s in the name)
Pintado is the warrior class in Visayas, specifically Panay, Cebu, Bohol and Leyte (according to different sources)

- Kampo ng Makabayang Pilipino - Magani (Mindanao) (*I am changing the whole name)
Magani is the warrior class of the Bagobos, a tribe that resides in Davao near Mt. Apo. The previous name that I used is the warrior class in Luzon, specifically in Laguna, which is why I changed the name.

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