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Inaugural Issue (New Year's present)

Day 1,868, 23:43 Published in USA Bulgaria by DrAlchemy

Welcome to the very first issue of the Erepublik Dispatch. Since it's new year's and I'm light on news to relay, I've decided to just have a giveaway for readers; or should I say future readers? I'd love to set the standard that the dispatch is a paper of the people, and what better way than to giveaway weapons for any war hungry man, woman or child wanting them?

Now onto the devil in the details. The giveaway will be in the amount of 5 Q5 tanks, a nice little new year's present. All I require is for you to vote and subscribe; then write a comment giving me the vote + subscribe number you had. It's that simple. As of now I plan on doing it for the first 100 votes/subscribes but depending on demand I may expand it if this little stunt proves to be a success.

Be sure to shout out to your friends to maximize the total happiness we will all feel.


PPS: The giveaway has already finished, I plan on making another one when supplies are stocked up


ligtreb Day 1,868, 23:56

Don't need weapons, but subbed.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,868, 23:57

another n00b sucked in by fed propaganda, sad.

Geronimo100 Day 1,868, 00:46

Another newb bothered by Ajay

Candor Day 1,868, 00:49


Longbaugh Day 1,868, 00:52

Don't mind Reagan. He's a menace.

wingfield Day 1,868, 01:17

subbed - give the weapons to a new citizen in the AMP, WTP, USWP or Feds.

ppavee Day 1,868, 01:28

v6 s5

kronos777 Day 1,868, 02:07

v8 s6

TellUrGrlThx Day 1,868, 02:09


Looking forward to reading some interesting articles from you!

TellUrGrlThx Day 1,868, 02:10

Opps I meant 7 for sub my bad

Endl3ssly Day 1,868, 02:58

v11 8s supporting u bro

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,868, 03:16

v13 s9


Barlow2 Day 1,868, 03:19

v14 s10

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,868, 03:25

Ronald Gipper Reagan
'another n00b sucked in by fed propaganda, sad.'

Hey, a** clown, you still owe me 5 gold from your 'Media Mogul' giveaways...the other 999 citizens are also still waiting on their 5 gold...that makes you a liar along with being a stalker of eRepublik women, a Serbian stooge and just a down right worthless human being...GTFH to Serbia....

Deepchill Day 1,868, 05:23

voted and subbed, good luck

No weapons needed.

CrackerJax Day 1,868, 14:25

v16 s12

The Joshua Tree
The Joshua Tree Day 1,868, 15:04

v17 s13

Hunter Dean Rivett
Hunter Dean Rivett Day 1,869, 23:27

Voted 20, Subscribed 15. Happy New Year and Thanks Alot!!!

Haselrig Day 1,869, 04:00

v 22, s 16

Viarizi Day 1,869, 04:00


xaqqqq Day 1,869, 12:00

v24 s18

John Helsin
John Helsin Day 1,869, 15:33

Vote# 26
Sub.# 19

TheWinterWolf Day 1,872, 01:09

Vote: 27
Sub: 20

Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Day 1,872, 01:32

Vote: 28
Sub: 21

Joe Crowe
Joe Crowe Day 1,872, 02:47


Jared Vienot
Jared Vienot Day 1,872, 06:46

V32 s23

Lysander Spooner II
Lysander Spooner II Day 1,873, 00:12

v33 s24
Give the weapons to somebody new in the Socialist Freedom Party.

Clydeo Day 1,873, 18:27

v34 s25

Xrune Day 1,874, 09:58

v36 s26

ghost84 Day 1,875, 00:50

V37 s27

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