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Grain And Wood

Day 933, 10:32 by Miracle

Our recent economy is not doing well.

We should start exporting more grain and wood to gain Gold from outside Bolivia.

Getting some license for exporting is a good option.

And probably selling at the black market to get some gold from outside Bolivia is a good option too.

We need to provide more gold at our monetary market.



Red Bull HM
Red Bull HM Day 933, 11:05

yep, you are right

Ernesto_Guevara Day 933, 21:27

exactly, INVEST in a export licence, gaining an expanded market to your production...

export or die!

cbravo Day 934, 08:56

vota o muere

NoFear ll
NoFear ll Day 935, 06:35


agrsv Day 935, 12:06

I think I will make Wood Company here!!
Be Ready Guys with My company.

HainY Day 1,671, 19:37

sub 182sub back. Thanks

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