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Finance Reminder: Day 2059

Day 2,059, 08:38 Published in Switzerland USA by Hale Kane

Hello citizens of eSwitzerland, its me again here with a few reports and a reminder.
The last article published, said something about a “goal” to accomplish this week. Try to get 1500CC more in our treasury.

Currently we have gathered 2628CC since that day, 3 days ago. Congrats eSwitzerland, you have done/finished your goal. But, I expect eSwitzerland to gather more money throughout this week. I don’t want to see our treasury stuck at that number :P

As for the reward for buying eSwitzerland made products and reaching our goal, I am rewarding every eSwitzerland player who votes and posts their vote # in the comment section 3q7 tanks.


Minister of Finance
Hale Kane


cochoperez Day 2,059, 08:38


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,059, 08:41

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,059, 08:42

Good job

Benjamin Doverton
Benjamin Doverton Day 2,059, 08:55

v9 Good stuff.

Rican Day 2,059, 09:13


kimiyimi Day 2,059, 10:26

vote 9

Ace Veles
Ace Veles Day 2,059, 11:50


Grag78 Day 2,059, 12:22


Vadims Kamenevs
Vadims Kamenevs Day 2,059, 12:40


zubaran Day 2,060, 11:28


Joseph von St. Martin
Joseph von St. Martin Day 2,060, 21:33


chris jonadicus
chris jonadicus Day 2,067, 14:29

you did good.

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