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Erepublik countries with real area datas - Day 1822

Day 1,823, 01:55 Published in Netherlands Czech Republic by Rhual

Dear eWorld,

In the past I was working with statistics because I and many of you like them. Most of them takes too much time but now I found a new one out.

From an eWorld citizen I have seen a regions statistics before. My idea came from that.
What about if I see the eRepublik regions RL area size? Admins made them from the RL countries’ own provinces/territories/regions (at this part I have to note, not all of them accordant to the real ones, so it was a hard work to collect them).

All in all I collected all of the eRepublik regions area size (in km2). The document is viewable, you can check it out.

Unfortunately there is only 1 country I couldn’t compare the RL and eRepublik area because they are different (Egypt). I’m waiting for help in this.
I apologize if you find mistakes in the document, feel free to let me know.
I collected them from wikipedia and Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS)

I will make a weekly stats about the countries actually owned region numbers and its area size.

Here is the last week result.

And look them in eRepublik this day (Day 1822, 4am ET):

Here is the spreadsheet

means the country moved forward on the list
means the country moved backward on the list
+ and green colour at the numbers means the area/region number increased compared to the previous one
- and red colour at the numbers means the area/region number decreased compared to the previous one

Some facts between the original and the current region and area size changes:

- South Africa moved the most forward (32)
- Finland moved the most backward (37)
- Turkey and Saudi Arabia moved backward on the list with more regions than last week
- Saudi Arabia is the only one with lost area but gained more regions
- Mexico, Hungary and Colombia have larger area but less regions than last week
- USA has the most region number (51)
- 11 countries have no region (same as the last week)
- Poland conquered the most regions (40)
- 23 countries moved forward on the list (less than last week)
- 22 countries moved backward on the list (less than last week)
- 25 countries have the same position (more than last week)
- 6 countries lost area but kept the region number (more than last week)
- 6 countries gained area but kept the region number (more than last week)
- 21 countries increased its region number (less than last week)
- 22 countries lost regions (less than last week)

I hope you all like it.




mhifzan Day 1,823, 02:17


Tibigrafix Day 1,823, 02:31


KrumStrashnii Day 1,823, 05:57

Very nice job : )

versailles v1
versailles v1 Day 1,823, 06:03


GoodBeer Day 1,823, 09:39


OFLU ONUR Day 1,823, 09:40


earthperson Day 1,823, 09:56

tibigrafix +1

Dhisny Giovanny Pramuditha
Dhisny Giovanny Pramuditha Day 1,823, 10:01


Kursis Kurenas
Kursis Kurenas Day 1,823, 10:28


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