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eRep Olympics London 2012: The end is (almost) near

Day 1,798, 11:21 Published in Belgium Belgium by Cooke4444
1. 800m: FINAL

1. Turkey
2. Samoa
3. Germany

4. Indonesia
5. Japan
6. Australia
7. Luxembourg
8. Sweden

Decathlon: DAY 2

1. Samoa
2. Belgium
3. Netherlands

4. Germany
5. Indonesia
6. Australia
7. Greece
8. Argentina

9. Vatican City
10. Venezuela
11. UK
12. San Marino
13. Luxembourg
14. Romania
15. Macedonia
16. Turkey
17. Algeria
18. Sweden
19. Japan
20. Serbia

3. Hockey: FINALS

For bronze:

Germany vs. Algeria


Turkey vs. Samoa

Medal standings:

1. Samoa (6G, 6S, 3B)
2. Turkey (6G, 2S, 2B)
3. Venezuela (5G, 3S)
4. Macedonia (4G, 5S, 3B)
5. Indonesia (4G, 4S, 3B)
6. Greece (4G, 2S)
7. Romania (3G, 2B)
8. Japan (1G, 6S, 3B)
9. Germany (1G, 3B)
10. Luxembourg (3S, 1B)
11. Belgium (2S)
12. Australia (1S)
13. Algeria (4B)
14. Sweden (3B)
15. UK (2B)
Argentina (2B)
Netherlands (2B)
18. San Marino (1B)


We end the eRep Olympics with:

The final in basketball
The modern pentathlon



Dendraad Day 1,798, 12:15

decathlon woohoo !

Jofroi Day 1,798, 13:49

Samoa will prevail!

tommot Day 1,799, 05:02

wow, belgium on second place. That makes 2 medals.
Whoohhoooo : )

tommot Day 1,799, 05:04

Oh yes, i'll place it on facebook this evening

All see eBelgium facebook-page for more news.

Viridi Day 1,799, 20:35


Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,804, 03:11

I'm not liked with my nation

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