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eIndia Cabinet - February 2013

Day 1,906, 08:58 Published in India China by blood n bullet

Dear People of the eWorld and fellow eIndians,

I’m honored to be elected as the President of India for a second term. Thanks to all who kindly trusted and supported me.

This term is going to be very important for us and many major decisions will be taken which are going to have a long term impact on us as a nation. I can tell you that it would be a month full of action and we will work towards regaining our glorious lands. We may get defeated or totally conquered but WE WILL FIGHT BACK, WE WILL WIN AND WE WILL RISE TO GLORY!!
Let us make it know, no longer will we be dictated by imperialistic nations and their policies. No longer will we give in to arm twisting by stronger nations. We will fight for our Independence!

I need every single citizen to unite, get stronger and stock up on your bars and get your weapons ready!!

Now, moving on to the cabinet members. I have chosen a cabinet keeping in mind a mix of experience, youth and people who have volunteered. Below are the details of the cabinet for February 2013.

Country President: xordin (
Ashwamedh (
eRichard Parker (

Ministry of Defense
MoD: Abhinay Gupta (
Team members
Dinesh Raju (
sourabhkmr (
Graf Sprat (
citizenneel (

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MoFA: Alector (
Team members
Asmitatheone (
Akshay.IN (
Cadfan (

Ministry of Finance and Trade
MoF: Rebelash (
Team members
vigorious (
Kapahii (
eWolverine (

Ministry of Education (Baby Boom and Retention)
MoE: Shockwavve (
Team members
Ashwamedh (
maverick10 Dodge Knight (
Hem Sharma (
ayush121212 (
Sakurai Yoshiyuki (

Ministry of Media & Competition
Ashphalt (
GouthamKrishnan (
Nagraj Suraj (

If any citizens have any ideas or suggestions, please contact me.

Jai Hind!!



blood n bullet
blood n bullet Day 1,906, 08:59

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,906, 09:01

Lonqu Day 1,906, 09:02

Yoshino Sakurai
Yoshino Sakurai Day 1,906, 09:04

Asmitatheone Day 1,906, 09:07

Good inclusive cabinet.....

BrknSword Day 1,906, 09:09

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,906, 09:19

blood n bullet
blood n bullet Day 1,906, 09:42

^^you guys really need to work on your trolling skills

Kaad Day 1,906, 10:40

Good luck!

ShmBigger Day 1,906, 10:57

Good luck! o7

Alias Vision
Alias Vision Day 1,906, 10:57

ShockWavve Day 1,906, 11:03

/me yawnzzzzzzz

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,906, 11:19

I hope Alector has full power in the FA department : D

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,906, 11:31


Ashish Raghav
Ashish Raghav Day 1,906, 12:01

TheTrueIndian Day 1,906, 12:12

A wonderful man needs a wonderful cabinet

maverick10 Dodge Knight
maverick10 Dodge Knight Day 1,906, 12:21

At your service, sire ; )

ShockWavve Day 1,906, 15:18

I have a question

What does MoE do??

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,906, 17:26


blood n bullet
blood n bullet Day 1,906, 18:06

@ShockWavve...the job of the MoE is to train, educate and retain new players...

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,906, 21:32

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,906, 22:09

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,906, 22:09

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,907, 23:34

This is a full blank comment

Nirmal Baba
Nirmal Baba Day 1,907, 00:24

Lysander Spooner II
Lysander Spooner II Day 1,907, 00:30


Akshay.IN Day 1,907, 01:21

Yes Sir

Ajay Bhasy
Ajay Bhasy Day 1,907, 01:56

aye captain!

Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 1,907, 02:56


Ferdrik Day 1,907, 06:06

Nicely done...

Patanjali Day 1,907, 06:14

You are a great player and have a grreat cabinet and advisors, what could I say.

I'm proud to be with you.

eWolverine Day 1,907, 08:46

Great to be in the Cabinet..

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 1,908, 07:34

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,909, 12:00

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