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Day 1,864, 18:48 by Agrammon


Agrammon Day 1,864, 18:53

Article was deleted because of pornography (not by my opinion, pictures were simply artistic, modeling, but who gives a flying F). This version have English translation so more people can respond.

Please put some shout so more people can see it.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,864, 19:03

Awesome just like the last one! :]

Hail Ireland!
Hail Croatia!

But unfortunatly, fail EDEN..

It's time for change now...

Alex.L Day 1,864, 19:04

"Svaki savez kada krene da dovlači države zbog štete.... (mrzi me da prekucavam dalje)"

Pa tako ste dovukli Tursku u EDEN. Kratkoročno se isplatilo, dugoročno... vidite i sami.

Neke države će napustiti EDEN, neke već jesu... možda će se EDEN čak i rasturiti, ali više nikoga nije briga što Srbija u januaru i februaru nije imala kongres :)

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,864, 19:04

Hail Ireland!
Hail Croatia!

But unfortunatly, fail EDEN..

It's time for change now...

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,864, 19:07

Alex.L +1

Čista istina...

Mi koji smo upozoravali na onakvo dovodenje eTurske (protiv koje nemam nis protiv) jer nije bilo u redu da se tako dovedu i zbog tog razloga smo prozvani anti-EDENovcima, a ja osobno nikad nisam htio nista lose EDENu, sam sam upozoravao sta ce se dogoditi, steta sto drugo to nisu vidjeli, mozda bi danas i imali stari EDEN.

Postoje samo dva razloga zas EDEN propada..
1. Dovodenje turke
2. HQ (Oles, Nenya, Iaswn...)

SPIRITUS Day 1,864, 19:08


SexyCicko Day 1,864, 19:11

prosli put su obrisali clanak pa da ponovim komentar

reko si da neces o zivotinjama a spominjes nenyu?

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 1,864, 19:11

Ireland loves Croatia. *smile*

coolinbun Day 1,864, 19:16

sve isto kao i ONE

Agrammon Day 1,864, 19:17

sino301 - c'mon... :]

coolinbun Day 1,864, 19:18

P.S. Secate se ovog vica o TEDENeli?

VastlyFrozen Day 1,864, 19:30

Good read!

Cukrov Day 1,864, 19:41


Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,864, 21:24

Croatia is a good country with good people. So is Ireland. EDEN however is a fail Alliance.

Gorki61_istra Day 1,865, 00:19

dobar članak...


John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,865, 01:33

I believe that there were two forces in play in the apparent EDEN demise:

i) Both EDEN & USA/Brasil were hostages of each other in the TEDEN relationship. When USA/Brasil wanted to change the game EDEN failed to understand that something had to change or the existing balance would be broken. This being said, unlike Brasil which moved themselves to TwO territory, the USA are also taking a substantial amount of risk moving in this direction. If Serbia decides to move against the USA it will be a easy wipe and considering the current internal politics of the USA this could have a lasting effect in its community. But this will not happen before EDEN is official out of the picture.

ii) lack of true leadership by the HQ. When you are clearly in minority you need leaders which will inspire their citizens to fight a lost battle. People which explains the reasons why things have changed and find paths to follow in order to keep the faith of their people. And fundamentally, people that anchor the alliance in a pre-agreed set of values that will work as a beacon for members behavior. HQ failed hard to do that, its possible that the new HQ will improve in this area, but the strain put into the relationship within some members of the alliance has already been stretched too much to return to the right place.

The fundamental of my message yesterday is that the trustful relationship between two communities is more important than an alliance irrespective of how long it has lasted. And if the countries see that the alliance is becoming more of a factor disturbing the relationship than a contributing factor than they should defend that relationship. I still cherish the relationship the Portuguese community has with Croatia, the Greek, the Argentinian, the Colombian and others within EDEN and we also have a lot of respect for Ireland despite being out of EDEN, and France or Canada. Its the basis for the future.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,865, 01:46

When the all world is targeting you for destruction you have to be real strong to stand against a force that is more than twice your own. If you stand against that force, sooner or later it will break you. If you do not keep your unity, it will disperse you. Sometimes the best way of dealing with it is going with the flow but keeping your integrity.

Zvijer69 Day 1,865, 01:51

Samo šok terapija može pomoći EDEN-u...rekonstrukcija od same kičme - čije smo ključni dio.
Kad se mi dovedemo u red, možemo obnoviti dijalog među našim saveznicima i pružiti i očekivati pomoć (bilo u ratu, bilo u obrani od PTO-a, bilo ekonomski, al to ne postoji odavno zbog admina)... tada, lutanje ePustinjom je naša stvarnost.

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,865, 01:54


Candor Day 1,865, 02:24


Norbengo Day 1,865, 02:47

eWorld needs EDEN. Rest of the eWorld needs someone to hate. If EDEN dies it will be a serious problem for TWO and CoT alliances.

On the other hand top EDEN countries have no where to go, no one wants to be allied with the Turkey. Croatia, Greece and Romania all have bitter enemies in TWO/CoT. Weaker EDEN countries are just a burden so... EDEN it is for now.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,865, 02:47


Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Day 1,865, 02:48

Ako niste znali, EDEN je trenutacno u rekonstruiranju! veliki dio HQ je promijenjen! tako da ocekujte promjene!

B i g Bad W o l f
B i g Bad W o l f Day 1,865, 02:55

Od cijelog edena i ne edena pravim prijateljima smatram:

BiH, Finsku, Grčku, većinu Rumunjske, Irsku, Portugal, Kolumbiju, Argentinu i POW te CAT : )

to je ono koga ja smatram prijateljima : P

Agrammon Day 1,865, 03:41

Norbengo nice try but it's not true that nobody want those countries. Ask Serbia what they think about Greece, many people from Macedonia would like to be ally with Croatia, I'm sure that many people from Hungary think the same. Eden as such is a burden, freed from that shackles would be another story. I think that only Bulgaria is from CoT that really hates us. Countries from TWO are simply opponents by alliances. Many people from Slovenia knows some of us in RL. As we, I'm sure many of them can call us brothers rather than I can call people from some distant land accepted by few people in HQ of Eden. But that is only my opinion.

Agrammon Day 1,865, 03:47

I will be truthful. Countries that I can call my brothers

Big - Romania and not all their players (some of them are corrupted and do some sh1t in other ally countries or once ally)
Greece - I understand that they can't fight always for us but they did as much as they could and that is enough.

Small - Finland (true respect for those guys and girls)
Ireland (same as Finland)
BiH - blood is blood
Portugal - (I find them very loyal, they are not super strong but very nice to have as ally)

Countries that I would like to call brothers

and that's how the cookie crumbles... :]

Norbengo Day 1,865, 03:56

That's totally irrelevant, Serbia having good relationships with Greece or Romania, cannot grow in to alliance because FYROM or Hungary would always stop it. Same goes for Croatia, you may sign individual MPPs but those will just fall apart in case of any future conflict with any CoTWO nation.

Truth is that after years of Rompers damagehood politics, no one is willing to risk their current allies for Croatia.

The only EDEN country that can change its alliance is China, but it wouldn't change much anyway since China mostly fights in their own RW's

Baranac1 Day 1,865, 04:57

"Truth is that after years of Rompers damagehood politics, no one is willing to risk their current allies for Croatia."

^^Very well said...

Agrammon Day 1,865, 05:09

Norbengo we have different opinion.

arayiptaulasamadiginnumero Day 1,865, 05:58

Comment deleted

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,866, 01:53


Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 1,866, 04:17

"Ask Serbia what they think about Greece"

Kazaću ti - ni štapom ih ne bih pipnuo, i Srbija koja bi ih imala na svojoj strani bi bila moj neprijatelj

Od 70 zemalja e-sveta, oni su 125-ti koje bih želeo na svojoj strani.

Previše pažnje daješ nekim RL relacijama, to kažem...

Agrammon Day 1,866, 04:46

dalibor m ne dajem ja, nego je to iščitano iz rekacija vaših igrača. Eto ti si jedan koji ne bi s njima, ali ima mnogo koji bi.

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 1,866, 05:19

Ok, mnogo njih bi, ali mnogo njih i ne bi.

Razlika je dal se ljudi upravljaju nekim RL momentima ili dešavanjima iz igre.

Nebitno je to, članak ti je sasvim Ok. Realna analiza stanja, čak i odgovori na pitanje "šta dalje".

Dagislav Day 1,869, 06:52

And it was just as bad a year and a half ago:

Biiaaatch Day 1,869, 07:55

"Zakljucak, drzave od kojih se ocekuje obrana ne mogu obraniti ni sebe. Moze li taj savez funkcionirati? Tesko."

Da vidim ako sam dobro razumio...
Savez ne moze funkcionirati ukoliko postoje neprijateljski savezi koji su po dmg-u jaci od njega?

Btw, ja stvarno ne razumijem na koji nacin bi mi ili bilo koja clanica Edena bila jaca, bolja, snaznija... ukoliko Edena vise ne bi bilo, ili ukoliko bi se Eden raspustio i napravio novi savez s drugim imenom. Ukoliko u taj novi savez ne mislis zvati neku drzavu tipa eSrbije, ja stvarno ne vidim kako bi taj novi savez bio jaci.

Agrammon Day 1,869, 08:37

Problematika je malo kompliciranija.

Kao prvo, ako savez ima na raspolaganju, lupam, 2 milijarde štete i 16 članica. Izračunaj koliko je to po svakoj članici (ako uzmemo da svaka ima samo jednu aktivnu bitku), a sada makni članice koje rade zanemarivu štetu i koje su pozvane od ne znam koga i potvrđene od par ljudi, ostat će ti recimo 1,6 milijardi štete na 8 članica.
Nadalje, zbog nekih članica imaš probleme da ti se nakači jedan savez, zbog nekih drugih imaš problema da ti se nakači drugi savez, a mi smo došli do točke gdje su nam se nakačila oba saveza (neću sad ulaziti i upirati prstom zbog koga i da li se radi o sajmu taština i okršaju nekoliko jačih tenkova preko naših leđa ili su problemi u sukobu cijelih država), kako god okreneš bez ozbiljne analize i rekonstrukcije saveza ostat ćemo u ovoj pat poziciji gdje će oba saveza navaljivati na Eden iako sam siguran da mnoge države pitaš zašto napadaju Eden ili neke određene članice, ne bi znale dati jasan odgovor osim onog, zbog saveza (a to zbog saveza je opet po naputku neke jače države koja ima neke svoje privatne vendete).

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