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Day 1,852, 18:31 by Dio Makso

Citizens of ePakistan,

So today I found this Article, as written by our very own Vivec.
~ I < 3 Kually. Vivec, meh, kill 'im on a side quest.

Anyway, in this article, I saw three delicious links in the comments:
These are all Jakal/TheDarkKnight convos. Egads, publik disclosure! o_O

I spent so much time commenting, I thought, hey, let's just make an article instead! ^_^

Anyways, MYUZAK!
I started here, then finished here.

<The DarkKnight> FYROM is love
^ I concur with this part of the conversation/argument.
I have no opinion on the rest.
Carry on. ^ _ ^

<TheJakal> i dont expect this from my white friends

lolololololololololololol ^ _ ^

<The_DarkKnight> Aloha!

You da kine, brah? No aloha for you. ^_~

<Thejakal> than from the dioists
<Thejakal> you need Dio Maximus
<Thejakal> Max McFarland 3

Suddenly I has a sad. I thought DK just liked talking to me. My heart, it's broken. Now I have to wonder if our sweet, sweet dialogue was pure politikal calculation the entire time. Oh, woe and distress!

<The_DarkKnight> i got the croats
<The_DarkKnight> talked to cp
<The_DarkKnight> he set it as priority
<The_DarkKnight> ^ _ ^

If Kroatia luvs us, they should take Jammu & Kashmir from China to get Iron, then give us Iron from Andhra Pradesh. Also, they should give us Cattle from Madhya Pradesh. Ya know, if they really do love us. ;_;

<TheJakal> bulgaria wants to come into india

Zoiks! I < 3 (ish) Bulgaria, but 3 is a crowd.

<The_DarkKnight> they love me dude
<The_DarkKnight> i tanked like hell
<The_DarkKnight> for croatia

Suspicious Serbian Citizenship is Suspicious...
~ Makso Farlandic

<The_DarkKnight> ^_~

Somehow it's just not cute when you do it.
Mebbe becuz you don't smile in your avvie.
You should, like, be this Batman:

<TheJakal> [$ Talk]
<The_DarkKnight> [$ Talk]

Franky, this part just kinda shows Jakal being an impartial helpful/friendly guy & DK obscuring for the sake of obscuring. I haz a sad. This is the first part that makes me not like DK a little bit. Still, I like DK overall. I like both of them. Jakal just kinda wins this round. 10 POINTS FOR SLYTHERIN!

<TheJakal> balkan wars are very complicated
<TheJakal> and depending on which side you fight
<TheJakal> you get stuck on that side for a long time
<TheJakal> so i avoid

Truer words were never spoken. -_-
I still remember the message Romper sent me in 2010 when I sided with Serbia in a big Serbia/Croatia fight... memories. ^ _ ^
My problem is that I like all the Balkan countries.
Serbia > Macedonia > Croatia/Bosnia/Albania > lolMontenegroareueventryin'...
But they are all such fun. ^ _ ^

<The_DarkKnight> [lol imma 17]
<TheJakal> [bro do you even lift?]

...aaaaand reality check. Spending cash here is ok, im[Platinum]ho. I do it a lot. So does Jakal. But this... well... if you are worried about your spouse and/or parents and/or creditors and/or uni finding out about your eRep habit after the fact? Bro, srsly, quit. : /

<The_DarkKnight> love you
<The_DarkKnight> to death man

Awwwww..... it's all like BROS4LIFEYO & stuff... ;_:

<TheJakal> you fought against Turkey
<TheJakal> when pakistan's stance is specifically neutral
<TheJakal> in the Iran vs Turkey war

Oh noes! I did that too... o_O

<The_DarkKnight> The Turks know I was fighting as a merc

Me too, yo. But like, Shin-Ra Turks, not Turkish turks. Reno, Rude & Elena. Ya know? Yeah, ya know. ^_!

<The_DarkKnight> The Chinese can f%k off
<TheJakal> there will be no chinese f^k off
<The_DarkKnight> The Chinese can f&k off


<The_DarkKnight> Nyx and me talked, and she convinced me to stop hitting against them

^ Nyx for Overlord(ess), yo. ^ _ ^

Unt znow, ve hvroseed to ze zekund phvrint skreen...

<Strywgr> you know what i dont even read what yu write

Oh, hey! I remember this guy! He used to be my MU Kommandant. I once gave him 4500 q7 Weapons to supply the MU. Later on, [REDACTED]. Totally legit. ^ _ ^

[Jakal/TDK/Strywgr Drama]

RAWR! Rawr? Not terribly exciting. Anyway, my takeaways from this? (1) TDK doesn't play well with others. (2) Others kick TDK too easily, ensuring he will always be more hostile when he returns. Result? NOBODY WINS! HOO-RAH! So, anyway, there was a a lot more in there, but it wasn't in English, and I have my greasemonkey mods shut off so the page doesn't reload while I write an article, so I have no idea what they said in the local language & Balken language segments. I can only assume it was profound. 0_0

<The_DarkKnight> why are we fighing
<The_DarkKnight> lets have peace
<The_DarkKnight> like seriously
<TheJakal> ...
<@Radenko> baby jesus cries when you hvight : (

~ I agree with all of this. o_O
Personally, I was clearly wrong when I assumed that Radenko & TDK respectively stepped down because it was A Mexican Standoff between the Serbian and the Croatian. Clearly, it was less regional, and more... well... I dunno. Something. o_O


OMG! I totally called this. ^ _ ^ See above. ^_! You'll get it or you're clueless.

<TheJakal> Radenko is a friend of pakistan
<TheJakal> he doesnt care about politics


<TheJakal> did you go to the serbian RL meeting?

The fact that Pakistan folks know this is reason enough for why Serbia > Kroatia in Pakistan.

<@Radenko> My unit almost fall apart
<@Radenko> because of Pakistan


Jakal/TDK Conveo San! ^ _ ^

<TheJakal> im f!g out of epakistan


* LordPimp is now known as TheJakal

lololololol ^_^

<TheJakal> still
<TheJakal> lemme steal his BH

^ Slytherin, yo. ^_!

Now talking in #Batman

[Dee Husky Voice Aktivated]

<TheJakal> i think erep has banned my ip

My fault, bro. Happened to me too. They totes didn't likes those gnomes. o_o
But, heya, only lasted until they noticed. Then, clean slate. Dolla dolla bills, yo.

Just remember, both of ya, Jakal and TDK, to pay proper respekt to O Mighty Dolla.
1. Only trade in cash USD.
2. Avoid the evils of international trade.
3. Be a billionaire, not a millionaire.
If this doesn't make sense to ya... well, read up on W20, deario. ^_!

Cheers. ^_~

Max McFarland 3
~ Congress Member & Councillor, -Vento Aureo-
~ 2nd Commander, Guards of Green

We are Dio. You are Dio. I am Dio.
May the Love of Dio be with you, Forever.


fingerguns Day 1,852, 18:32

Totally agreed. We have to stop slacking here or we're gonna be under PTO threat forever.

Mazzy Cat
Mazzy Cat Day 1,852, 18:37

Great article! Even if I'm having a mini seizure.

Sir Gulden Draak
Sir Gulden Draak Day 1,852, 18:39


Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,852, 18:39

My monkey bone is hard!

wingfield Day 1,852, 18:43

Spot on!

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,852, 18:48

double plus good

CooLMasTR Day 1,852, 18:54


Publius Day 1,852, 18:57


Dio Makso
Dio Makso Day 1,852, 19:03

Zoli? Ok. I like Zoli.


Or something like that.
It used to be a thing.
Back during the first invasion.

Thedillpickl Day 1,852, 19:09

Plato killed politics. The up-and-coming player base doesn't know how to play the game. Apathy abounds because the player base is shifting from community minded, self sacrificing, hard working people to those only interested it waving their e-pein around. I remember when it was a horrifying thought for someone to take a bribe, now it is joked about. Parties did things but unless you were in the party you likely didn't know about it. Now we have 2 or 3 different articles proclaiming how great...

Thedillpickl Day 1,852, 19:10

...they are. They US govt. is no better. Ego's, pride, selfishness, indifference and people just outright having a mean spirit. It all works together to prove once and for all that eRep is a very good simulation of RL. Maybe the various modules do not correctly emulate RL but boy howdy the eCitizens have finally started acting like real politicians and leaders.

So much for fair play and higher ideals.

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,852, 19:31

Max's article format used Nostalgia Blast!

It's super effective!!

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 1,852, 19:46

I missed MM's articles. ;

Synesi Day 1,852, 20:03


Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Day 1,852, 20:06

Nice to see you! Come to Liaoning one more time... xD

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,852, 20:11

lol, yeah, you're going to PTO a party that gets 40% of the vote. In what universe

go back to obscurity

Dio Makso
Dio Makso Day 1,852, 20:13

Love ya too RGR. Put forward a real policy platform sometime. Cheers.

Dio Makso
Dio Makso Day 1,852, 20:24

To repeat a comment from elsewhere for RGR...

RGR, what would you actually do as CP?
Which alliance or allied nations?
What military power?
What tax code?
What strategic goals?

You might win in the game. Then what? What's the plan?
Please don't ramble about elitism.
What's the actual plan? People might actually support it.

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,852, 20:24

2 things:
1) @RGR- I really don't think eli was talking to you.I don't think the community wants you if we (the community of eMerica)are trying this hard to keep you from the Presidency.Just an observation.I honestly don't think you thought he was talking to you either,that you just felt like talking,whether or not it involved you.Another observation.

2) @Max-I've asked him this already,and all he replied to me was with "stuff, stuff that's good, good for eAmerica"felt inane overall really

Candor Day 1,852, 21:11

Stop worrying so much Max, they've GOT this. They've got lists of the bad guys and everything!

Dio Makso
Dio Makso Day 1,852, 21:25

Candor, we didn't win the AFA today. We should be on offense, not defense. That's all. : )

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,852, 21:43

Max, if we were playing defense I'd have 500 votes.

Maybe if you got bonuses back but they are too dense to realize that would help them.

anyway MM3, I will answer your questions when you admit to what you and Lonestar did... and start from scratch like you are supposed to.

BadMail Day 1,852, 22:15

We are dio. You are Dio. I am Dio.
May the love of Dio be with you, forever.


Bucephalus92 Day 1,852, 22:47

Alright RGR allow me to ask the same question as Max did. Surely you won't just side step it with some ambiguous comment about Elitists, Pfeiffer, or...I've just realized you never actually talk about anything else : /

(and I assure you I started this account from scratch like I'm supposed to)

Velja Kralj
Velja Kralj Day 1,853, 01:16

oh noes epilepsy attacks come back O.O

Gessho Day 1,853, 01:45

i love you, max. i will always cast my ATO votes for you.

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,853, 01:49

OMG Max is back. : )))))))))))))

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 1,853, 03:07

Several months ago a govt official asked for the eUS Mil's help in elections. It's something we use to do in the by gone days. We gladly helped. We have offered our help since then, but got ignored. I'm pretty sure they have all of this under control. If not, they know where to find us.

Regele DECEBAL Day 1,853, 03:26


todosentado Day 1,853, 05:34


Legolas555 Day 1,853, 06:39

guys WHY are you still trying to talk with that gipper regan?
He is RL stalker and nolifer so he is trying to make something in game when he can't do anything in RL.
He even who got out from university because he stalked some girls.
Bruno I know that hell would froze before you got a RL girl but don't stalk them, it is illegal.
You can always ask your mommy to buy you and hour with some working girl

So PLEASE try to get some sort of life and stop making an ass in here.

Thedillpickl Day 1,853, 07:53

Cyber Witch
Day 1,853, 03:07
"I'm pretty sure they have all of this under control. If not, they know where to find us."

~pickle pulls rock back over head~

Iamnameless Day 1,853, 09:45


that's a shame about the inci election

Deepchill Day 1,853, 11:35


Astraeus II
Astraeus II Day 1,853, 11:40

We must do more.

MerajY Day 1,853, 11:46
Sub -> Free gold
Shout please
vote and sub

Jamarcus Day 1,853, 11:55


Captain Kushskiller2001
Captain Kushskiller2001 Day 1,854, 23:32

what I took from this was - you accuse political opponents of being PTOers and the advocate PTOing them.

erepublik is shades of grey.

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,854, 03:14

You are wrong on strategy Max, that's the old way when you had to pay to run. Now any one can(and most everyone does) run.

The point is to get the entire first page of each party filled with non-PTO candidates. That way lazy 2 clickers (too lazy to click multiple pages to find a candidate) will not vote for an enemy.

If it was the primary winner plus a dozen AFA candidates on the first page, the results would be worse.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,854, 04:11

Cyber Witch
Day 1,853, 03:07
"I'm pretty sure they have all of this under control. If not, they know where to find us."

Pretty sure the 'Flufferist' will not be able to stop hating long enough to save America, in fact today my MU DO is to fight for Poland...Poland...? Brotherhood with CoT for Poland...? WTF?

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,854, 04:14

OMFNG! MAX...errr...that GIF is going to make me go blind...ROFL....

Fedias Day 1,854, 05:05

Erepublik records [Vol 2]

Diggs Day 1,854, 05:39

This article shows the very reason many of us no longer support the major parties of the EUSA. For all your talk of AFA PTO of eUSA it has been the major parties who have used the PTO/ATO against my parties at least three times to silent the opposition. You can spout all your hate for RGR/Whoever as your reason, but your only making us in the opposition stronger by it.

Jegarmister Day 1,854, 08:18

Get the fudge away from Lonestars account, you worm.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,854, 08:19

Cyber Witch
Day 1,853, 03:07
"I'm pretty sure they have all of this under control. If not, they know where to find us."

No, they don't have this under control, and as a result, RGR is going to PTO our ass.

I volunteered about a month ago to help and was ignored.

I've done some work in RL US politics. I've seen volunteers show up and get ignored.

Any campaign so inept as to turn away willing volunteers is doomed and deserves to lose.

Capt.Wolf Day 1,854, 09:54

This man speaks the truth.

Obama.Putin Day 1,854, 11:41

read, vote, sub, shout and laugh

Zlatiborac Day 1,854, 16:03

Maxo is that really you? : )

HeIlo Kitty
HeIlo Kitty Day 1,854, 16:45

: ))

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