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Congress elections

Day 1,649, 00:36 by 2.D.G

Below are the results of each region before the admins took off votes, this will be updated as soon as soon as the admins announce the real results.
UPDATE : Amount of substracted votes is added behind the names.


Lyulin - Team Nippon
Ernesto Jeon - Team Nippon
Akira Kaburagi - United Lollies of Japan -1 vote
Yagami M - Cherry blossom
arari137 - Moriya Jinja
Mina Tepi - Cherry blossom
Kagami Hiiragi - Moriya Jinja


Exreality - Team Nippon
Koppanyi Ferenc - Team Nippon -2 votes
Velours - Shinsengumi
Chise E Tamai - Moriya Jinja
Metic - Cherry blossom
Hizaya Nobunaga - Moriya Jinja
Letigerr - Moriya Jinja


Darshu - United Lollies of Japan
Aceblood - Shinsengumi
Dankchronic - Shinsengumi
Minami Saki - Cherry blossom
Battousai567 - Shinsengumi
Eleme911 (Probably uses multies) - Moriya Jinja
Lansor - Team Nippon


Squibeel - Moriya Jinja
Akki - United lollies of Japan
Master Tigers - United Lollies of Japan
Auraborus - Shinsengumi
Tom Medelsvensson - Team Nippon
Kad Mudkipson - Shinsengumi
Nowe - Team Nippon


Ahava3233 - Cherry blossom -1 vote
Friedrice - Moriya Jinja
ManaitaNoNeko - Moriya Jinja
Arisachan - Shinsengumi
cuihao - United Lollies of Japan
Sekenji - Team Nippon
Wobbler - Team Nippon

E.L.I.A.S. - Cherry blossom
Geezus - Team Nippon
Zabriel - Shinsengumi
SerbiaLovesJapan - Team Nippon
Shinigamieyed - Team Nippon
Samproidz - Moriya Jinja

Rin Orin Kenbyou - Moriya Jinja
E.Nikolov - Cherry blossom
Sidewiner - Team Nippon
Lovelypanther - United lollies of Japan
DEN 007 - Team Nippon

If we look at this list lets see how many each party got in :

Moriya Jinja : 11

Cherry blossom : 7

Team Nippon : 14

United Lollies of Japan : 6

Shinsengumi : 8

Here is a list with all the votes :

Or click here for the direct link.



Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,649, 00:41


ManaitaNoNeko Day 1,649, 00:44


Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,649, 01:21


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,649, 01:51


Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,649, 03:43


KllausJohn fon Ainsbern
KllausJohn fon Ainsbern Day 1,649, 03:58


Hakaisha Day 1,649, 05:17


Shinigamieyed Day 1,649, 06:55


gamer5 Day 1,649, 09:35

So if this is right ...
more then one third of our party is in Congress
That's Touhou power for you!!!

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,649, 10:17

All Moriya votes are legit.

Kagami Hiiragi
Kagami Hiiragi Day 1,649, 13:31

Morija Jinja FTW

Sidewiner Day 1,650, 03:26

Touhou FTW

DEN 007
DEN 007 Day 1,650, 15:29


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