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C4 Salutes Its Second Homegrown God of War

Day 1,878, 03:25 Published in USA USA by Haselrig

Day 1877 of the New World saw hazelh join chazp as The Cannon Cockers only homegrown Gods of War. Sincere congratulations to you hazelh on this distinguished accomplishment. You both set an amazing example that we all strive to live up to and for that we salute you, o7



Haselrig Day 1,878, 03:25

Congrats hazelh o7

hazelh Day 1,878, 04:49


into the deep
into the deep Day 1,878, 05:02

Congrats o/

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Day 1,878, 05:27


Colonel W Kurac
Colonel W Kurac Day 1,878, 08:40



Dudeheydude Day 1,878, 15:57


Malpazar Day 1,878, 22:25

Many Congratulations.

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