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Battle of Krusi

Day 1,825, 08:53 Published in Venezuela Montenegro by Emperor of Doclea

Short lesson from Montenegrin history (part I)

Following the defeat at Martinici vain Mahmut-Pasha prepared swift revenge. According to deacon Aleksije in battle of Krusi participated 30,000 Turkish soldiers and 6,950 Montenegrin soldiers. The battle started in 8.30 in the morning on September 22nd 1796.

On Turkish side , in reserve, around Krusi were situated 14,660 Albanians.

Mahmut-Pasha died in the battle, according to Aleksije, Bogdan Vukov killed him.

This battle become world famous because of big disproportion betwen number of soldiers in two armies.

Turkish defeat was absolute, the battle finished when last Turkish soldier crossed the left side of Moraca river.

Turkish side: arround 8500 dead (74 officers), number of wounded was unknown because a lot of their soldiers drowned in Moraca.
Montenegrin side: 132 dead, 237 wounded.

Montenegrin soldiers also abducted 15 Turkish flags.

Short lesson from Montenegrin history (part I)


Orao007 Day 1,825, 08:59


Emperor of Doclea
Emperor of Doclea Day 1,825, 09:01

@ EagleSmart CG o7

Le0nldas Day 1,825, 09:03

Eh, vazda smo drali ove kažem da smo sad opaki neki fajteri, al taktika, iskorišćavanje terena...Uletimo im u korito neke rijeke u 4-5h ujutro dok masturbiraju...i sl...

SrpskaCG Day 1,825, 09:08

Црногорци су НАЈХРАБРИЈИ народ у рату, али зато најкукавички у миру!

Bogi Day 1,825, 09:12

leonidas, hahahah : D svaka čast, možda se sad čitav eSvijet prepadne od nas

Avenged7fold Day 1,825, 09:22

Great story, and brave soldiers.

R a i d e n
R a i d e n Day 1,825, 09:35

Great story! its good to know some history of montenegro.

Bajo the Pivljanin
Bajo the Pivljanin Day 1,825, 09:52

a nije no smo kraljevi najveci

Kocka Scekic
Kocka Scekic Day 1,825, 09:57


KALE Podgorica
KALE Podgorica Day 1,825, 10:01

300 movie??? producer was inspired by us

NBaki Day 1,825, 11:13

cujes leonidasa xDDDDDD

e da ocemo tako odje dobro bi bilo

El Chunior.
El Chunior. Day 1,825, 12:16

I would like to know more about your story, voted!!

Carlos-Hernandez Day 1,825, 12:22

Votado. esperando la parte 2

Emperor of Doclea
Emperor of Doclea Day 1,825, 13:25

Part II soon

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,825, 16:58

Honestly, I would like to see in Montenegrin side some Venezuelan history. : )

Looking forward to second part!

Hiraishin619 Day 1,825, 18:46

montenegro is a lie

VX450 Day 1,826, 02:22


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