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2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Day 1,995, 08:31 Published in Austria Austria by Harzakc

u rape us in erepublik - we rape u IRL!

--> 2014 Ice hockey World Championship in Minsk, Belarus, no LATVIA?!



Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,995, 08:33

Latvia -> Division 2

Christian Kowalsky
Christian Kowalsky Day 1,995, 08:45

hahahaha one good article , congratz ex...

pls vote my article

Michal XVI
Michal XVI Day 1,995, 08:52

wait for Slovakia

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,995, 08:59

I hope you rape them too

xdxm Day 1,995, 09:20

Austria too

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,998, 08:40

So who got Raped?

Unteroffizier Rolf Steiner
Unteroffizier Rolf Steiner Day 1,995, 08:58


Kurt Tucholsky
Kurt Tucholsky Day 1,995, 10:02


nitch08 Day 1,995, 10:43

Oto von Namberg Day 1,996, 08:22

Comment deleted

Citrusmix Day 1,996, 16:21

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