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[President] Agreement between Philippines and Indonesia

Day 1,915, 16:56 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992

Dear Filipinos,

After several days of negotiations with the President of Indonesia we finally reached an agreement on our regions.


1. Philippines will regain Palawan.
2. Indonesia will keep control over Mindanao.
3. Philippines will not start or support any Resistance Wars in Mindanao.
4. If Indonesia lose control over Mindanao, Indonesia will be entitled to recover this region.
5. Both countries will not propose each other as Natural Enemy, except as specified in point 4.
6. This agreement starts on Day 1915, 00:00 eRepublik time, and is valid until the end of this presidential term. If both sides will agree, it may be extended for a next term.
7. Both sides will publish this agreement in presidential or official governmental newspapers within two days from the date of signing this treaty.

Itelat, the President of Indonesia
kb1992, the President of Philippines



Chopp Day 1,916, 08:06


Chunihin Day 1,916, 15:52


BaZ Glow In The Dark
BaZ Glow In The Dark Day 1,916, 16:22

; )

Kadakilaan Day 1,917, 23:58

galing ah

BaZ Glow In The Dark
BaZ Glow In The Dark Day 1,917, 15:10

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