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[MoFA Montenegro] Podrška prijatelju / Apoyo a un amigo / A support to a friend

Day 2,197, 10:46 Published in Montenegro Montenegro by Min. Spoljnih Poslova CG

eRepublik jeste samo igra i samo zabava, ali neka prijateljstva se steknu i ljudi se povežu. Naš prijatelj xJhsx trenutno proživljava teške trenutke, i ovo nije ništa drugo do naša podrška njemu kao iskrenom prijatelju.

Izdrži druže!

U ime naroda Crne Gore,

Bogohulja, bivši Predsjednik i sadašnji Ministar spoljašnjih poslova Crne Gore,
Crni, bivši Predsjednik Crne Gore i sadašnji Predsjednik Srbije;
Shone, bivši Predsjednik Crne Gore.

eRepublik es solo un juego, y solo diversion, pero las personas se relacionan y nacen amistades. Nuestro amigo xJhsx está pasando por un momento difícil en estos días, y esto no es más que nuestro apoyo para con un verdadero amigo.

Aguanta compañero!

En nombre del pueblo de Montenegro,

Bogohulja, expresidente y actual Ministro de Asuntos Extranjeros de Montenegro;
Crni, expresidente de Montenegro y actual presidente de Serbia;
Shone, expresidente de Montenegro.

Gracias a Pto. Fijo por la traducción.

eRepublik is just a game, and just fun, but people connect and friendships are born. Our friend xJhsx is going through a hard time these days, and this is nothing but our support to him as a true friend.

Hold on mate!

On behalf of the people of Montenegro,

Bogohulja, former President and current Minister of Foreing Affairs of Montenegro;
Crni, former President of Montenegro and current President of Serbia;
Shone, former President of Montenegro.


Min. Spoljnih Poslova CG
Min. Spoljnih Poslova CG Day 2,197, 10:47

[MoFA Montenegro] Podrška prijatelju / Apoyo a un amigo / A support to a friend

Vaso1 Day 2,197, 11:13

Što je muka?

sasapg Day 2,197, 10:55

Sta je muka?

Vaso1 Day 2,197, 10:59

Što je muka?

Titogradski fijuk
Titogradski fijuk Day 2,197, 11:02

Što je muka?

VarvarMNE Day 2,197, 11:08

Comment deleted

drfreeman Day 2,197, 11:13

a sto nije

OgnjenNK Day 2,197, 11:15

Sto je muka?

MakiOpaki Day 2,197, 12:36

Što je u pitanju?

Sidarta Milidragovic
Sidarta Milidragovic Day 2,197, 12:44


Narlindir Day 2,197, 13:04

Let me tell u something...

Aguanta compañero! 0/

ZODYAC Day 2,197, 13:52

o> o>

eDLD Day 2,197, 15:18


Lorenzo Anello
Lorenzo Anello Day 2,198, 23:50

He needs donations for the rent and food ? What is the problem, you didn't tell us

tsakali Day 2,198, 05:28


Vaso1 Day 2,198, 06:07

Bitno je da ste voter uplatili-.-

wal71 Day 2,198, 13:45


VuXman Day 2,199, 03:24


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