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[MoFA] Agreements, TWO and New Map News [hoffman12]

Day 1,849, 08:05 Published in Switzerland Serbia by Hoffman12

Hello Switzerland,

I am Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs and my job is to give you information that is connected to the news from all around the world. Before anything I want you to know that I am willing to accept all your ideas, opinions and thoughts if you have some. If I have done something wrong or not good for our community please tell that to me and I will try to improve me and my articles.

So, there are lots of articles and I was reading them all for a couple of days to give you the most adequate information. I had to separate objective articles from subjective and at the end I am going to sum up some articles that are pretty important and good for us, our community and for our viewpoint.

1. Official Agreement of Turkey and Iran
2. Agreement between Poland and Macedonia
3. TWO – New World Order – Vol. II
4. New Map of eRepublik

1. Official Agreement of Turkey and Iran

We will start with two agreements that were signed not so long ago.

First agreement is “The Official Agreement of Turkey and Iran”. It was signed couple of days ago by Iranian Country President, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Turkish Country President, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Croatian Country President.

Here are the terms of this agreement:
1. A single article of relief should issue and both CP must sign it

2. Both countries should sign a NAP contract and eTurkey should send a Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) to eIran in 2 month

3. No Resistance War (RW) should be supported against one country by another, unless for mutual and strategic goals which are previously agreed upon; thus if any RW was started in any of 3 regions mentioned above and succeded, eIran agrees to NE eTurkey and loses the first battle in order to ease re-capturing of liberated region in 2nd day by eTurkey and also eTurkey promises to do a ping pong policy upon attacks that should be done every day till the 7th day of NE clearance, in order to prevent any further regional loss of eIran.

4. All provinces of eIran should be returned unconditionally except from Northwestern Iran, Southwestern Iran and Hormozgan

5. Amount of 100 gold required as the rent for each province of eIran - monthly, plus the rent for two previous months.

6. In case of eTurkey’s occupation (mostly Eastern anatolia), Northwestern Iran should be returned to eIran immediately and unconditionally, after eTurkey reclaim its freedom, eIran agrees to NE eTurkey and loses the first battle in order to ease re-capturing of liberated region in 2nd day by eTurkey and also eTurkey promises to do a ping pong policy upon attacks that should be done every day till the 7th day of NE clearance, in order to prevent any further regional loss of eIran.

7. eTurkey and EDEN should help eIran to claim and protect Balochistan if eIran need it

8. eTurkey must accept and recognize Iranian right over all UAE regions (Turkey can continue using Umm al Quwain bonus)

8. Country which violated this agreement should pay a fine of 1000 gold

9. This agreement can be extended for periods of one month and corrected/improved with agreement of both countries. Thus both countries agree to hold sessions exactly 48 hours before the expiration day every month (w/o excuse) to re confirm and re-sign the terms (financial issues mostly); it means that only bilateral agreement ends the treaty, and MPP signature; this monthly signature is mostly for popular aspect and strengthening mutual relations.

1. Official Agreement of Turkey and Iran All terms and conditions mentioned above are and will be under EDEN HQ supervision (rent, probable NE, etc...) and eIran has the right to make MPP with EDEN countries after this Agreement.

Current position of Iran on the eRepublik map

So, this is the first agreement. I will not give you any personal opinion about that. You can figure them out by yourselves.

2. Agreement between Poland and Macedonia

Second agreement is “The Agreement between Poland and Macedonia” that was signed two days ago by Polish Country President, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Macedonian Vice President and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Following document was proposed and signed in order to ensure further cooperate between Poland and Macedonia:

We recognize that we share common goals, not differences. Therefore both Macedonia and Poland shall not attack or harm each other in any particular way.

Our nations and governments are bound to cooperate through consultations on the basis of mutual understanding and respect upon signing of this Agreement, meaning:

- neither Polish nor Macedonian government will be responsible for the actions of its individual supporters and/or opponents;
- however, both Polish and Macedonian governments will promote friendly relations between those two countries, encouraging military, political and economic cooperation.

3. TWO – New World Order – Vol. II

Couple of days ago a new world alliance was proposed. Its official name is “The World is Ours” (abbr: TWO) and it is like a successor of previous world alliance “The Order of New eWorld” (abbr: ONE).

For now new alliance has six members: Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Spain, The United Kingdom and Slovenia.

Two days ago they had their first HQ elections:
Secretary General: mininuns
Supreme Commander: hunnia91
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Talon Karrde

Soon we will be able to see how important and successful will be new alliance on the world’s venue.

4. New Map of eRepublik

I believe you all know that there was an Official eRepublik Meeting last weekend in Bucharest, Romania. Plato is now a part of Switzerland and we are all able to see his articles on our “Top-News List”.

So, more about eRepublik meeting you can read in Plato´s newspaper and what I want to present you is the brand new map of eRepublik.

It will be added in 2013 and it will not be a “flash” version, it will become an eRepublik tool. Map is not completed yet and it still needs some very important improvements and add-ons.

- the map is based on OpenLayers, a solid project to build on, that will also evolve beautifully quite soon, project based on JavaScript/jQuery thus taking a toll on the CPU during its usage -

- on a PC it works well, and it loads and works (although sluggish at the moment) in Android 4.0.3 as well, on an ASUS Transformer TF101 (a slightly obsolete tablet) in the following browsers:
> the default/included one
> Google Chrome
> Firefox (very slow, pinch-zoom also works unexpectedly)
> Opera Mobile

Here are some screenshots:

So, what do you think?

This is everything for now. Like I said before any comment, opinion, idea and thought is very important to me so tell me what you think about my work so I can be guided well. Subscribe on my newspaper and be up to date!

[Swiss MoFA]
Agreements, TWO and New Map News

hoffman12, Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs


Hoffman12 Day 1,849, 08:09

[Swiss MoFA]
Agreements, TWO and New Map News

Palavko Day 1,849, 08:17


Rican Day 1,849, 08:22

Thank you for this good information.
I would like to know all that went on at the summit, i.e., economy & political modules.

Colonel Bruce
Colonel Bruce Day 1,849, 08:27

very good news for maps...voted!

Persian Elite
Persian Elite Day 1,849, 08:28

Nice Article , Thanks for info

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,849, 08:32

Good report!

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,849, 08:37

Voted for maps o/

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,849, 08:41

Excellent report, thank you hoffman for the great work ! (:

Hoffman12 Day 1,849, 09:07

Rican: This was military summit, there was nothing about economy nor political themes on it.

plutorius Day 1,849, 09:26

Thanks for this information. Voted!

Xeraes Day 1,849, 12:51

Thanks for this information. Voted! x2

Vladislav Tretiak 20
Vladislav Tretiak 20 Day 1,849, 13:23

v + sub

Lotus Black
Lotus Black Day 1,849, 14:29

Awesome article, Hoff you rock as always : )

your favorite uncle
your favorite uncle Day 1,850, 09:50

What a fine article!


vukio Day 1,850, 13:54

Great article

chukcha Day 1,850, 14:54


Pescaman Day 1,850, 18:36

Ladies and Gentlenmen, our candidates for Miss CoT 2012:


dyplomata z krakowa
dyplomata z krakowa Day 1,851, 00:13

Excellent article, Hoffman!


MorpheusMK Day 1,852, 04:59


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