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[MoF] Update on Finances and National Orgs

Day 1,898, 09:48 Published in India India by Rebelash

This term started with the situation of the Central Bank of India, our main national org , as shown below.

We had 2192 golds and 2.73 million INR in our org. Now we have 2192 golds and 2.53 million INR. A lot of things happened in the month gone by , from war to peace and the implementation of the first phase of babyboom , the government has spent 200k INR mainly during the war for dispatching weapons to you, our allies and mercs.

We will discuss about the loans situation in the next article though i would like to direct you attention to the list of all the National orgs we still have access to. Also let this article serve as a record for all the forthcoming governments on the same.

1. Central Bank of India

2. SCOI Bank 4

3. Indian Government Holdings 1

4. Indian Government Holdings 2

5. Indian Government Holdings 3

6. Indian Government Reserve Bank

7. Helping India

8. Internal Affairs India

9. Ministry of Expansion

10. NPF- India's Police

11. Gorkha Rifles

12. Indian Foreign Affairs

The government currently has access to 12 national orgs.




lHonouR Day 1,898, 09:50

Thanks Rebelash...Let this serve as a base for all future governments..

Lonqu Day 1,898, 09:56


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,898, 09:57


shreyash_wadiwala Day 1,898, 10:08

we have 12 organazation......strange....

shreyash_wadiwala Day 1,898, 10:09

between good update

games.k67 Day 1,898, 14:17


for update

games.k67 Day 1,898, 14:23

I have question here. it might irrelvent

Why central bank is located in Hungary, Northern Hungary.

If Hungary wants to use our money can they use it with out our permission.


giladahgua Day 1,898, 14:49


off whisky
off whisky Day 1,898, 15:15


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,898, 17:23

How do I repay my loan?

shail.back Day 1,898, 18:29

voted.......Nice to see the updates.....

mahesh17 Day 1,898, 20:19


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,898, 20:27

@games - banks can be located anywhere... usually they move and get placed where you get favourable exchange rate and also where you can buy products cheap. This has nothing to do with the actual nation : D

games.k67 Day 1,899, 23:20

Thanks Ashwamedh

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,899, 04:30

@Addy you can pay to Rebelash, who wrote this article..

Jewel Biswas
Jewel Biswas Day 1,899, 07:38

12 organizations?!
Good update.

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,899, 19:06

Nice update Rebelash o7 o7

Sibeesh Day 1,901, 08:29

nice work dude

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