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[MoD] Day 1829 Battle Orders

Day 1,829, 01:30 Published in Switzerland Bulgaria by chukcha

Australia - Queensland
Fight for Chile

Swiss MoD.


sprajnicev Day 1,829, 02:04

we do not defend out core regions?!

what kind of strategy is this? or ... we own Slovakia something?

LitoII Day 1,829, 03:02

Bulgaria doesn't have imp battle atm;
Chile is in the closing stage of the battle, so all CoT is concentrated there : ))
Macedonia will be prio right afterwards most probly

Cronoss Day 1,829, 03:57

The battle is over ... no new orders? LoL

Rican Day 1,829, 05:10


Fight for Slovenia in Graubunden


MadelineJoshua Day 1,829, 08:03


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