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[LinusBen] What did i do?

Day 2,131, 08:19 Published in Turkey Greece by Linus Ben
Screenshot of Plato's warning on me...

Why i got a fp admin?

Where is the "clue"?

Can you just give me a fp with no reference on what i said?


Linus Ben
Linus Ben Day 2,131, 08:21

Anyone had the same attitude from Plato?

BraweHeart Day 2,131, 08:32


Skylovaravas Day 2,131, 08:46

All of us

mikroastos Day 2,131, 14:02

Nai re. Pleon den leei giati to trws. Nomizw leei mono otan exeis panw apo 2-3 fp mazemena.

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