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[Ind/Eng] A Difficult Decision / Sebuah Keputusan Sulit - MU Tournament

Day 2,079, 18:13 Published in Indonesia Canada by TemujinBC
Sebuah Keputusan Sulit

Salam Mahobros and Mahosisters,

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya diminta oleh banyak orang untuk bergabung dengan "COBRA" MU untuk membantu selama turnamen MU berlangsung. Itu adalah suatu kesenangan bagi saya
untuk bergabung, dan saya telah berjuang banyak untuk membantu :

Sayangnya, MU saya belum mampu untuk tetap berada di Top 50

Seperti yang Anda lihat sekarang, COBRA (sekarang dikenal sebagai Indonesia Raya) berada dalam peringkat # 54 dan seperti saat saya menulis ini, ada sekitar waktu ~ 7 jam
yang tersisa di turnamen. Kita perlu damage sebesar 1,500,000,000 dalam hal mengejar peringkat MU Lazocracy. Satu-satunya cara yang mungkin untuk
mengamankan top 50 finish adalah memiliki lebih dari 2 milyar damage yang harus dilakukan.

Saya telah melakukan beberapa perhitungan dan ini adalah apa yang saya temukan:
TemujinBC Maxhit Q7 ~60,000 damage

2,000,000,000 / 60,000 = 33,334 hit yang diibutuhkan
33,334 Hits / 10 hits per Energy Bar = 3334 Energy Bar yang dibutuhkan
3334 Energy Bars / 3.9 gold per bar = 855 Gold yang dibutuhkan

Jelaslah bahwa jika saya membeli 3 x 300 Gold Pack, saya akan memiliki cukup Gold untuk melakukan Hit dan menciptakan 2,000,000,000 kerusakan.
Saya akan membutuhkan lebih dari 1600 Q7 tank, dan ini akan biaya tambahan Rp 15.000 idr (sekitar 70 Gold).

Saya bisa melakukan ini, tapi setelah berbicara dengan beberapa teman yang baik saya telah memutuskan bahwa tidak bijaksana untuk menghabiskan uang tersebut pada MU turnamen ini. Bahkan jika saya bertarung dalam jumlah damage yang besar, tidak ada jaminan bahwa kita akan tetap berada di Top 50.
Lazocratz memiliki banyak pejuang yang baik, dan mereka tidak akan menerima posisi ke-51 dengan mudah :D

Ada dua alasan penting mengapa saya telah membuat keputusan ini. Yang pertama, dan yang paling penting, adalah karena saya belajar sesuatu tentang Indonesia selama turnamen MU ini berlangsung. Lihat kembali gambar kedua di atas. Apakah Anda melihatnya?

Ada dua MU Indonesia berturut-turut pada peringkat ... # 54 dan # 55

Bersama-sama, kami telah menciptakan damage lebih dari

Itu sudah cukup untuk setidaknya posisi 30 besar, dan kita akan sangat dekat dengan Aberi MU!
Indonesia harus memiliki dua MU di 50 besar. Ini merupakan hal yang SANGAT MUDAH bagi kita!

Tapi kita harus bersatu, dan setuju untuk berjuang bersama di tim yang sama.

Apakah Anda bersedia untuk bersatu untuk Indonesia? Tentu saja saya pasti bersedia. Saya harap Anda akan bergabung dengan saya selama turnamen MU berikutnya.
Bersama-sama kita dapat bergabung baik TNeI atau Indonesia Raya dan membuat MU kita masuk dalam Top 50.
Tidak peduli dimana MU kita bergabung ... semua yang penting adalah menyatukan untuk kemenangan dan untuk bersenang-senang

We are not afraid, we are Indonesia ~_^

(Meskipun seorang pria kulit putih botak dari Canada tetap dapat menjadi Indonesia dalam hati)

Ada alasan kedua mengapa saya memutuskan untuk tidak mencoba untuk masuk posisi Top 50.
Beberapa teman baik saya bilang bahwa saya harus menyimpan emas saya dan uang tunai saya untuk serangan udara berikutnya :D:D:D dan
Saya setuju dengan mereka Wkwkwkwkw

Jadi, bukannya tanking seperti orang bodoh dan gila, saya akan mengadakan kuis berhadiah Gold Pack! Berikut adalah aturannya:

1) Anda harus menjadi warga negara Indonesia
2) Anda harus menambahkan Fitzgerald.13 sebagai teman
3) Anda harus membuat komentar tentang betapa seksinya aku wakakaka
4) Anda harus menuliskan divisi anda

- 11 gold gift pack untuk satu pemain secara acak di setiap Divisi (1-4)
- 5 emas untuk satu pemain secara acak di setiap Divisi (1-4)
- 0,69 emas untuk satu pemain secara acak di setiap divisi (1-4)
- Hadiah akan diberikan pada Hari 2082 atau 2083 ~ _ ^

For Unity
For Lulz
For Mahomax confirm

Hugs and Kisses,


PS Angky is a butt


Greetings Mahobros and Mahosisters,

A few days ago I was asked by many people to join the "COBRA" MU to help during the MU tournament. It was my pleasure to join, and I have fought a lot in order to help us:

Unfortunately, my MU has been unable to remain in the Top 50 ;___;

As you can see, COBRA (now known as Indonesia Raya) is #54 and as I am writing this, there is ~7 hours remaining in the tournament. We need 1,500,000,000 damages in order to catch the Lazocracy MU. The only possible way to secure a top 50 finish is to have over 2 billion damage done.

I have done some calculations and this is what I discovered:

TemujinBC Maxhit Q7 ~60,000 damage

2,000,000,000 / 60,000 = 33,334 hits required.

33,334 Hits / 10 hits per Energy Bar = 3334 Energy Bars Needed

3334 Energy Bars / 3.9 gold per bar = 855 Gold Needed

It is clear that if I buy 3 x 300 Gold Pack, I would have enough gold to hit for 2,000,000,000 damages. I would require over 1600 Q7 tanks, and this would cost an additional 15,000 IDR ( around 70 gold).

I could do this, but after speaking with some good friends I have decided that it is not wise to spend such money on this tournament. Even if I fight such a large amount, there is no guarantee that we will remain in the Top 50. Lazocratz have many good fighters, and they will not accept 51st position so easily :D

There are two important reasons why I have made this decision.

The first, and most important, is because I learned something about Indonesia during this MU tournament. Look again at the second image above. Do you see it?

There are two Indonesian MU in a row... #54 and #55

Together, our damage equals over 9,000,000,000 !!!

That is enough for at least 30th position, and we would be very close to Aberi MU! Indonesia should have two MU's in the top 50. It would be VERY EASY for us!

But we would have to unite, and agree to make it together.

Are you willing to unite for Indonesia? I definitely am. I hope you will join me during the next MU tournament. Together we can join either TNeI or Indonesia Raka and make it to the Top 50. It does not matter which MU we join... all hat matters is uniting for victory and for fun.

We are not afraid, we are Indonesia ~_^

(Even a bald white man from Canada can be Indonesia in the heart)

There is a second reason why I decided not to try for the Top 50 position. Some good friends told me I should save my gold and my cash for the next Air Strike :D:D:D and I agree with them WKWKWKWKW so prepare for the next Air Strike!

So instead of tanking like a crazy fool, I want to have another Gold Gift Pack contest! Here are the rules:

1) You must be Indonesian citizen
2) You must add Fitzgerald.13 as a friend
3) You must make a comment about how sexy I am wakakaka

11 gold gift pack to one random player in each Division (1-4)
5 gold to one random player in each Division (1-4)
0.69 gold to one random player in each division (1-4)

Prizes will be given on Day 2082 or 2083 ~_^

For Unity
For the Lulz
For Mahomax Confirm

Hugs and Kisses,


PS Angky is a butt


TemujinBC Day 2,079, 18:15

Angky is a butt... CONFIRM

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 18:17

Thanks to Fitzgerald.13 for the Sexy Translation

HilmanMaarif Day 2,079, 18:45

sorry, but the previous translation team better than now

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 18:48

They charge me too much IDR for services wkwkwkwkw

LarasDea Day 2,080, 04:51

you still can ask me for translation. and it's free TemujinBC
you just have to put my name on your article LoL

Chochohito Day 2,079, 18:30

So sexxxxxxxy article from King of PANTAT. I have completed all the rules.
I give Vote for this article too.
Go go go Temujin Butt Cooler

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 18:43

butt cooler -_-

mukio Day 2,079, 18:31

keputusan yang benar teman...

meggy z
meggy z Day 2,079, 18:42

Sebuah Keputusan Sulit --> Sebuah Keputusan Silit

can you fix that?

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 18:43

silit ibu mu

meggy z
meggy z Day 2,079, 18:49

silit mbok mu..

Altalis Day 2,080, 03:41

wkwkwkwk balesannya mengagetkan...

m0stwant3d Day 2,080, 09:56

hasssyuuuuu... sopo sing ngajari??

M.G.F.H Day 2,079, 19:45


angky Day 2,079, 22:28

wakakaka, parah lu meg..... silittttt

toeneal Day 2,079, 18:42

Comment deleted

Jus Apel
Jus Apel Day 2,079, 18:43

Uncle, u better spend your money at Taman Lawang Instead of buying 900 gold : o

With that amount of money, u can get a lot of girl there, eh, I mean guy, rrrr well, I'm not sure they're a girl or a guy actually. : l

Azurozeta Day 2,079, 18:53

Lol, well, i won't try to make a sexy comment. I will speak in economical manner.

Your resource to get there is 855 gold + 70 gold. The prize for getting to big 50 is 100k IDR or according to @220 exchange rate, 455 gold. I don't think the other benefit from the prize is of any economy value (you can't sell pride in IDR, really). Best you invest that much money for long term investment such as company for money machine or TG for consistent str gain.

Pride can't win war, strong and well equipped waria does.

Azurozeta Day 2,079, 19:00

Ah, i forgot, i'm Division 2 for all that matter.

Siberat Day 2,079, 18:55

1) You must be Indonesian citizen --> done
2) You must add Fitzgerald.13 as a friend --> done
3) You must make a comment about how sexy I am wakakaka --> confirmed

angky Day 2,079, 18:58

come to Jakarta and i give u special treatment on

choose one:
a. classic spa n karaoke
b. fortune spa and massage
c. Emporium Karaoke
d. Taman Lawang Park

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 19:00

I choose D but only if "he" has 'D' sized bra ~_^

angky Day 2,079, 22:21

no he only has thong 'mini' size

pandableduk Day 2,079, 19:02

Good luck... may the silits be with you...

irvan permana
irvan permana Day 2,080, 04:22

njir ngakak guling2 baca komen ini

IndoMy Day 2,079, 19:03

Tapi kita harus bersatu, dan setuju untuk berjuang bersama di tim yang sama. x2
berarti kl botak mikirnya beres ya...

hail botakjin

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 19:16


TemujinBC Day 2,079, 19:17

Botak For Life \o/

The Cartjones
The Cartjones Day 2,079, 19:04

Uncle, i found some minor mistake there...

"Rp 15.000 idr" isnt correct

u should write "Rp15.000" or "15.000 idr"

voted btw

imobil Day 2,079, 19:12

terms no 1 and 2 is easy to me and done but no 3 is too dificult for me coz i'm not waria so i don't how to praise u.... wkakkakakka

imobil Day 2,079, 19:13

ohhh forget no 4... i'm D4

yodhisaputra Day 2,079, 19:13

Aaahhh...all people of this country should learn more from you...just to know how to be as eSexy as ur pantat. u know what i mean.


Blakasuta Day 2,079, 19:29

Unfortunately Temujin, simple logic doesn't work in Indonesia. People like to mix it up with some illogically emotion, wakakaka....

Allea230112 Day 2,079, 19:31

vote for your decision, good job Mr.

reshatri Day 2,079, 19:35

1. done
2. done
3. om Te"Maho"jinBC sexy bokong lan lambene rusuh...(^ - ^)v ... : D
4. D4

Yuko Oshima
Yuko Oshima Day 2,079, 19:37

Cobra is too arrogant to enter Top 50, if from first they join TNeI, they will get over 9kk damage

btw, your pantat and pentil is so sexy Temujin BC


Dhisny Giovanny Pramuditha
Dhisny Giovanny Pramuditha Day 2,079, 20:03

Gimana pemimpinya gan, wong disuruh pindah ke cobra

DevaJr Day 2,079, 23:22

actually, if tnei join cobra, they will get over 9kk. you cant see that cobra is better than tnei?

Jus Apel
Jus Apel Day 2,080, 00:19

hey you, please take off your pants and go hug yuko oshima after that.

andevelez Day 2,081, 01:27

LOL then ask aberi to do that. then talk.

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 19:46

A new day for Cobra. A new day for Indo


angky Day 2,079, 22:27


Izan Putra
Izan Putra Day 2,079, 19:52

Gold Pack 99.9 Euro Uncle

Arta Kusuma
Arta Kusuma Day 2,079, 19:56

nomer 1 udah
nomer 2 udah juga
nomer 3 aku gak pernah liat bodynya om TemujinBC
nomer 4 aku divisi 2

patrick sh
patrick sh Day 2,079, 20:04

1) done
2) done *maybe
3) hey maricon o/
4) D3

mas marco kartodikromo
mas marco kartodikromo Day 2,079, 20:05

o7 Indonesia Raya and TNeI. Yup, I really desperate to see those MU joined. Thanks for brought this out.

This is for the lulz,
1 done
2 done
3 Bro you are maho-rock-maxxx!!!
4 D3

o0n3m00o Day 2,079, 20:06


SilverF0X Day 2,079, 20:07

hey bro, you do not have to spend that much money to get that 2 billion damage.
just PM every commander's MU in Indonesia and tell them,
"can you and your member join and make some damage for my millitary unit? Please I beg to you!! I'll be your slave forever, you can use my pentil, my butt. Please master >.< "

or you shauld shout "eIndonesia, please make 2,000,000,000 damage in my pantat!!"
that 2 billion damage should be easy you know if you bring "pantat" ))

problem solved \o/

SilverF0X Day 2,079, 20:08

i'm Div 69 anyway

TemujinBC Day 2,079, 20:11

Div 6.9 Cheers o/

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