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[FEDPP][EA] Exploration into Awesomeness x2

Day 1,909, 12:36 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome
PP announcement article

PP 1st Campaign Article

Hello Once Again Feds,

I just wanted to say that I'm so happy that I am given the chance to run for party presidency. You see, it is honestly the position I want most in eRepublik. I turned down many National Positions last term to run for Party Presidency and this term I was given' squat which opened the door to run for PP again. I don't want a National Department to run, I don't want to be CP or VP (yet)... all I want is to run the Feds. I want that to be my full time job this month.

I got told by people that being PP is “easy” and I could do a lot of other things other then PP. That probably is true, but then you're being PP wrong in my opinion. PP is a full time job and needs constant attention. And Feds, I promise you, the the most important thing I will be focusing on is you this month. I will give you 110% of my time, honestly. I love you all so much I really don't know how to describe my relationship with the Feds... <3

Victory Already
We secured Victory already. I always wanted to include EZC in a lot of Party matters and encourage them to take part, but I REALLY went hard on it this time. And you know what that means? The other Party Presidents have to do the same thing and include EZC to be able to compete. So we win. EZC will probably always be included now and that is something to be happy about!

I know I gave out my goals and that is fine and dandy, whatever. The real Work will be coming from my cabinet. I wanted to mix it up a little and give some positions to people who usually aren't there. I asked them what they plan to do, please listen to what they have to say!

Jefferson Locke
I'm thinking that Logamac could work with 6th parties, just to make sure we are working with them for ATO efforts. As CoS, I would want to oversee that

Fed Radio + Meeting Lead
Welp, I really want to do pre-recorded eRep history segments for eFPR. Something nice to listen to. Also, pre-recorded interviews with Fed members...

And actual focused fed meetings. I need to think that part over more, though. At a time that doesn't conflict with radio shows. I really think that's the major meeting killer.

Political Director
Paul Proteus
1) A peer review form of sorts for Fed Congressmen on their peers (activity and contributions nothing too specific) to help us determine who to run the next month
2) I'm not entirely sure what we're doing now in this area, but an active whip to maintain activity amongst congress members is essential
3) Forum section where members ask questions and our Congressmen answer them, talk about what's happening (obviously nothing too specific or secret but just general transparency)

Retention Director
Duncan Crowe
I really like the idea of doing instructional videos to help new players
Will probably hold a few contests, and some games

Media Director
I want to have a weekly media contest where feds can make an article with any theme and they win stuff if they win. It will help them learn how to write because if you do it more you will learn how to do it. It will also keep us very active. I would also love to set up a fed media training thing. So,e experienced media people in the feds can teach new players and maybe they'll find it fun and stay.

FOP Director
My first priority for the next month is to find a new FOP director and if possible to form a FOP team with 2-3 people, other than that i think FOP can cooperate with recruitment and take care of the "messaging" part

FBI Director
Kody5 (EZC)
I do want to create a FBI ATO team for party ATO ops.
i am currently renewing the agent lists and running a new check on the EZC regiments, im open to anything new and interesting. i was going to talk to the leadership and see what we could do.

I will be working around the clock to making sure whatever they want to do if feasible and accomplished.

Feds, I love you,
Always and Forever,
EnterAwesome <3
Proud PP Candidate



EnterAwesome Day 1,909, 12:50

First Reserved For Awesome.

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Day 1,909, 13:00

Good luck EA!

potato134 Day 1,909, 13:48

go eneter aweomse

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Day 1,909, 13:49

p/h but please stop the vote buying

EnterAwesome Day 1,909, 13:52

This is my FIRST ever campaign article I ever bought.

DW.Frost Day 1,909, 14:05

Go Go EA!

Candor Day 1,909, 14:38

I like your opinion about concentrating on the party as PP. Feds have a great party, great parties take constant attention to remain great parties, and the Feds do it really, really well.

Good luck!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,909, 14:42

Look forward to seeing you join EZC!

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,909, 16:09

Good luck!

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,910, 04:31

Awesome ! Good luck

fingerguns Day 1,910, 10:11

I love you Taiga


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