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[ESO] Eat Some Omelette: Free Gifts from Every Single One

Day 1,896, 05:05 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by jamesw

ESO is an unaffiliated, centre-left party which at its root, wants the UK to progress and never stand still. A basic summary of our party would be that we as a community, believe that the main task of Government should be to assist new players in their early stages, through both guidance and financial support.

We will never join a political coalition, nor will we ever back another party's Presidential candidate in exchange for position or favours. We back Presidential candidates based on their individual merits: their plans, their history, their proven approach and their relative 'competence' compared with their competition. The party a candidate comes from has no weight in our decision.

In relation to how the party operates, power lies with those who are elected to run it, and the individuals who the Party President appoints to the in game roles that month. However, our Constitution binds the Party President to act in a timely, suitable and accountable manner at all times, or face a vote of no confidence from members. If you are interested in joining us, we also offer a completely open membership policy: any member is welcome to join and engage with the party.

After a hiatus whilst we as a party formulated some policy (which has since had to be delayed, hence why Eat Some Omelette is back in the interim!), it gives me great pleasure to once again announce that new players can grab some free things.

The world economy has taken a beating, and as well as this I have other funding requirements, namely, a new ESO Policy codenamed: Grow With Us. So whilst I can afford to help, it is in a reduced capacity to what those who applied to Eat Some Omelette may be accustomed to. Apologies for this: but I would hope you'll appreciate that some help is better than none! As well as that, once Grow With Us is complete, those who are eligible for Eat Some Omelette would be also, most likely, eligible for much more support under that scheme anyway - so it may seem you're getting less for now: but there is good reason for it!

For 1000 wellness of food, simply post Cheese Omelette
For 5 Q7 weapons, simply post Ham Omelette

This scheme is only available to players with UK Citizenship who are under level 30. If you have the time, please also include anything you think your party, MU, or government could have done better in your first few days in the game: this feedback will be used to help formulate ESO policies to better the UK, or passed on to other parties and all MUs so they can make changes where appropriate.


U n K n O w N
U n K n O w N Day 1,896, 05:15

A gde je pecat?

Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Day 1,896, 05:18

Ham Omelete please

Ziltoid16 Day 1,896, 05:26

Ham Omelette o7

Commandante Ross
Commandante Ross Day 1,896, 05:30

ham omelette please

mr.bean86 Day 1,896, 05:42


Xaeleam Day 1,896, 05:44

Ham Omelette sounds nice! o7

Cakradara Day 1,896, 05:53

Voted. Cheese omelette please

xaqqqq Day 1,896, 06:00

v o7

jamesw Day 1,896, 06:08

Done to here!

Caoticwtf Day 1,896, 06:27

v14 Ham Omelette

jamesw Day 1,896, 06:29


Jack Butcher
Jack Butcher Day 1,896, 06:33

Cheese omelette please

GameChanger Day 1,896, 06:33


LongShotzZ Day 1,896, 06:43

Ham Omelette please : )

alexg737 Day 1,896, 07:07

Cheese Omelette please!

Schemes like this are good for new members, so any party running one or raising awareness of others is doing well in my books.

Rimpim Day 1,896, 07:40

ham omelette please

Connor1234 Day 1,896, 07:52

Ham omelette please

T White II
T White II Day 1,896, 07:53

Ham omelette please

FightAndProduce Day 1,896, 08:10

Ham Omelette plz.

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,896, 08:18

cheese omelette pl0x

General Slim
General Slim Day 1,896, 08:20

Ham plz

Father Christmas
Father Christmas Day 1,896, 08:49

Ham Omelette

jamesw Day 1,896, 08:57

Done to here!

Mv13 Day 1,896, 09:02

I'm eFrench, I made Omelettes

Fill Werrell
Fill Werrell Day 1,896, 09:07

Ham Omelette please

Dave Lister of Red Dwarf
Dave Lister of Red Dwarf Day 1,896, 09:20

cheese omelette please

Justice4Glitter Day 1,896, 09:30

Can I have a cheese omelette pl0x

AlexLloyd Day 1,896, 09:39

Cheese omelette please

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Day 1,896, 09:54

ham omellete please

Vault Guy
Vault Guy Day 1,896, 10:05

Cheese Omelette please, thanks.

Hoopdog Day 1,896, 10:15

cheese omelette

Kengii Day 1,896, 10:16

Ham Omelette

Wyatt Earp 74
Wyatt Earp 74 Day 1,896, 10:37

cheese omelette pls

SleepyOleLurgan Day 1,896, 10:45

Ham Omelette plz

William Ross
William Ross Day 1,896, 10:46

Cheese Omelette

North Scale
North Scale Day 1,896, 11:40

Cheese omelette please

AudieMurphy Day 1,896, 12:32

Cheese Omelette

m55uds Day 1,896, 12:33

Cheese Omelette , pls and thanks

PaulMoadibe Day 1,896, 12:34

Cheese Omelette, thanks.

JiminyChristmas Day 1,896, 13:28

Much as I love cheese, can I have a ham omelette please?

TitanHelios Day 1,896, 13:57

Cheese Omelette please

Dratharr Silkins
Dratharr Silkins Day 1,896, 14:25

Cheese Omelette please, my good sir.

Fritz179 Day 1,896, 15:16

Ham omelette please

Sliversun Day 1,896, 15:51

Ham omeleete Please

John F Baker
John F Baker Day 1,896, 15:57

I'll take the Ham Omelette, and send my compliments to the chef!

Arthur Coull
Arthur Coull Day 1,896, 15:59

Cheese omelette please, that guy! and please use free-range eggs

jamesw Day 1,897, 03:05

Done to here!

Jibberson Day 1,897, 03:53

Cheese Omelette

jamesw Day 1,897, 05:15


Crustymango Day 1,897, 08:30

Ham Omelette, thanks

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