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[e.M.D.U] Congress Election

Day 1,832, 00:59 Published in Malaysia Indonesia by mhifzan

Vote for your party :D

*p/s : update at 23:55 Day 1832 = 15:55 waktu malaysia

may the voter win ;)



mhifzan Day 1,832, 01:00

pertamaxxx (denied) X D

RyuYuki Day 1,832, 01:03

baru 13 org.. ramai lagi tak vote tu..

Elucidator Day 1,832, 01:14

vote for me?

mhifzan Day 1,832, 01:17

haha, peter trolling here : P

Firebourne Day 1,832, 02:33

Long live Parti Rakyat eMalaysia. ^^

TobiHalfDead Day 1,832, 03:26

err which one to vote ?

mhifzan Day 1,832, 08:11

vote eMDU ; )

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,832, 20:15

Vote PReM please... we are not ask too much percentages.
Need just 1 sympathy vote to make it over 40%.

MiVEX Day 1,832, 22:32


mhifzan Day 1,832, 22:44

lau ikut keputusan terkini. PReM - 4 seat,SKeM - 1 seat, FMP - 1 seat, yg sengit eMDU dgn PRM. sama ada 2 seat each @ eMDU - 3 seat, PRM - 1 seat

p/s: bukan keputusan rasmi

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,833, 04:23

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