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Day 1,990, 12:25 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by MsPs MaRcusS

Hola Macedonia !!

Видете ја мојата зимница :D

Колку Damage би можел да направам со ова ???? :D

Кога да ги мавам :D:D



Ex Ivan Milanovski Day 1,990, 12:35

Comment deleted

IronGateMK Day 1,991, 06:24

pomalku steta od ova

MsPs MaRcusS
MsPs MaRcusS Day 1,991, 10:28

Odi kaj mene na profil i vidi kolku dmg. imam

MsPs MaRcusS
MsPs MaRcusS Day 1,991, 10:28

i kolku takvi raketi

IronGateMK Day 1,991, 06:24

Comment deleted

MsPs MaRcusS
MsPs MaRcusS Day 1,991, 10:27

So e be ova Comment deleted ne gi brisam jas !!!

IronGateMK Day 1,991, 11:14

imas tolku damage zaso se odednas si ispucal, posle misiive sekoj moze tolku damage da napravi , i komentarot jas go izbrisav zaso 2 pati mi se postirase

MsPs MaRcusS
MsPs MaRcusS Day 1,991, 11:45


tekeNN Day 1,994, 08:47

vote 8 / sub 26

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