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[CP Desk] Update on Kerala RW, Retention/Babyboom and Economic Policies

Day 1,824, 23:42 Published in India India by HemanathanKumar
Greeting Everyone ,

Hope everyone enjoyed our Diwali vacation and now its time to push something we planned for.

BabyBoom and Retention Program :

Regarding Efforts on Babyboom and Retention Program, Uv AJed called for Mentors and so far the response has been Moderate and during Chat @ irc, I could see few people willing to take up the job without any pay for which we had planned to award some CCs.
Thank you Guys for that.
Please register yourself here if you like to be one of the mentors.

' Kerala the God's own Country '

This is the inform that, We are going to take back Kerala from Thai's Clutches. It is supposed to have taken back long before , but for keeping some fun for our guys, we thought of leaving it to open. But Thailand had moved their Captial to kerala for which they are reasoning it as Good for India when admins introduce some missions.

For now, We are gonna try hard and get the kerala back. It might not happen overnight, but definatley can make it happen with good plan and stratedgy.

Remember, This is not Region Return. We had to fight hard to get it back

Economics and Dispatch System

With a week gone, after discussion, we had finally come to point that , increasing the income tax and opening the market will improve our income.
As a result of this, you might see couple of proposal will be launched to open the market and already income tax proposal was done. Seeking your co-operation/suggestion in the effort we are going to put in bringing back the dispatch system.



RaviMirza Day 1,824, 23:59

just passing by

lHonouR Day 1,824, 00:08


Asmitatheone Day 1,824, 00:18


Gaurav12 Day 1,824, 00:21


Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,824, 00:44

good work bro

Lonqu Day 1,824, 04:46


ShockWavve Day 1,824, 05:12

ShockWavve was here

SykoFk Day 1,824, 07:13

waiting 4 more update

BrknSword Day 1,824, 07:38


Captain Niks
Captain Niks Day 1,824, 07:43

div 2 do excellent in wars...
just dat div 3 n 4 lack fighters

Treian Day 1,824, 07:55


Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,824, 08:53


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,824, 09:40

so WHEN 're we gonna bring back dispatch system?

ShockWavve Day 1,824, 10:23

When is dispatch coming?

ayush121212 Day 1,825, 23:49


B.Dimitrov Day 1,825, 07:00


shreyash_wadiwala Day 1,825, 19:20

i would like to become Dispatcher if Dispatch system introduce...

vigorious Day 1,832, 04:31

shreyash first active on IRC then dispatcher

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