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[BOOM] Congress of the Young Proposal

Day 1,827, 06:10 Published in Philippines Philippines by Boy Pick Up


Greetings! Tonight, I present to you my article about an idea created by our Secretary of Education, AI Raposas. This article will show you the plan if ever this proposal is to be followed.


1. October 2012 Congressional Elections
2. Congress of the Young Formation
3. Final Words

October 2012 Congressional Elections

* Revolutionary Socialist Party
- sinirbaba: Level 44
- Avenger35: Level 29
- afat7979: Level 47
- bercdo: Level 40
- cCceses26cCc: Level 43
- Zealotry: Level 33

* Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino
- Lacon Yan: Level 42
- kb1992: Level 42
- kadayao: Level 31
- purge0809: Level 30
- Vincenzo Roque: Level 32
- BasilanWhiteDevil: Level 27

* RD Philippines Movements
- Capo Karanakov: Level 33
- Albericht Mordant: Level 43
- Ninkharsag: Level 36
- risto bombata: Level 46
- makedonec21: Level 47

* Democratic Party for Progress
- Kristijanmkd93: Level 44
- Kyle Matthew Alcober: Level 26

- Masterbaker: Level 31

1. Level 30 Below Congressmen: 20% (4/20)
2. Level 30 Above Congressmen: 80% (16/20)

Congress of the Young Formation

1. Congress Aspirants are to submit their candidacies from the 16th up to the 23rd.
2. The Party President will modify the list. He/she could put the candidates that are trusted and have lower than 25,000 Experience (Level 30) and put the candidates that are Level 30 above at the bottom of the list.

Final Words

Vote and Subscribe!

Boy Pick Up
Second Commander of Pinoy Mobsters
Ultimate Pick-Upista ng Bayan


Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 1,827, 21:37


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