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[Boh] Congress Update 6 - The Tax War

Day 1,881, 00:39 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bohemond4

I will be focusing on three main areas in this article:

1) The laws that I will inform you about my voting, why I voted etc.
2) The Tax War votes, and how insane Congress has gotten, including those who have proposed them
3) The non-game mechanic votes, and the insanity there

1) Laws I voted on:

VAT and Import taxes: Weapons. This was a change from 10% to 15%. I support this increase in order to protect our markets and provide higher revenue streams for the eUK government, going some way to offsetting the lowered taxes. This vote was passed with 25 to 7, a total of 32 votes cast.

MPP with Bulgaria: Due to pass in 6 hours, I voted YES as I have seen Bulgaria lay down damage for us, and they are close CoT allies. Current vote stands at 29 to 4, a total of 33 votes cast.

Donation of 25000 from the country accounts ot Bank of England in order to help our the MoF projects. I voted YES to this, as I trust Carlini and his work to better the eUK. Vote will pass, currently standing at 31 to 3, a total of 34 votes cast.

MPP with Hungary: this is a no brainer to back as they are a TWO co-member and a stalwart ally. This has already passed, 24 to 1, though has around 14 hours to go with 25 votes cast. I expect between 7 and 8 more to vote in the coming hours.

2) The Tax War

This started recently with changes proposed to income tax and various VAT and Import taxes. Want to know why food and raw material is so cheap and foreign markets are flooding us? This is why:

Income tax raise proposed (again) and failed by MookieGobu of ESO
VAT and Import Taxes (Food) proposed and passed by TheSocialist of ESO, this was a change from 10% VAT to 8%, not too bad, with an import tax drop from 99% to 70%.
VAT and Import Taxes (Iron) proposed and passed by Sir Nick Griffin in an irresponsible turn of events, from 99% import tax to 0% import tax. I have no idea, at all, why this was proposed and seems ridiculous.
I misread this law, and therefore would have voted yes if I had read it correctly, I apologise for the misunderstanding...

3) Ingame Voting Hall

This was a shambles with non-Congress members voting and a general upheaval. I have no real idea of the outcome, and I think the MoLA should call the votes invalid and start again with clearer 'Congress only' guidelines, or move it into the Forums where we have a more private Voting Hall for Congress.

Proposed was: Cap the call to arms at lvl 30: I voted NO, as I am unsure as to what the future of this should be, but just capping it seems to not be the answer.

Woldy is the King: I voted YES as I think he makes a great King. The public have overwhelmingly shown their support for Woldy, I hope that he remains in his position!

Bank of England to start an Investment and Loans Bank for Citizens: I voted NO as I felt that this proposal was not properly formulated, nor did it take into account that fact that a) we cannot afford it without donations and b) we will probably not see the cash again. I am behind the idea in principle, but I would like to see a more solid plan of action, and some reports before moving down this path hence I could not support it at this time.

I hope this is informative for you, and you enjoy my latest article from Parliament.

Your Congress member



lancer450 Day 1,881, 00:43

The amount of tax proposals being pushed through without any discussion is very worrying to say the least.

Bohemond4 Day 1,881, 00:45

'The amount of tax proposals being pushed through without any discussion is very worrying to say the least.'

I think it is becoming more a war than anything else...I suppose the VAT on Food overall is not too bad a drop, but having 0% income tax on Iron is worrying for me, and my own, domestic products. WRM used to sell for 0.005, now its down to 0.003, possibly a result of the market being swamped...

Amokkel Day 1,881, 01:45

Thans again for your wonderful updates, keep on going

Alfagrem Day 1,881, 03:06

How does a change in income tax effect the price of WRM on the eUK market and how does increasing VAT also protect our markets?

Alfagrem Day 1,881, 03:32

>"VAT and Import Taxes (Iron) proposed and passed by Sir Nick Griffin in an irresponsible turn of events, from 99% import tax to 0% import tax....."

Actually he sent it from 6% import tax to 99% import tax.

>"..I have no idea......"

That seems evident!

Jimbojoy Day 1,881, 04:08

Great update!

WayneKerr Day 1,881, 05:53

"VAT and Import Taxes (Iron) proposed and passed by Sir Nick Griffin in an irresponsible turn of events, from 99% import tax to 0% import tax. I have no idea, at all, why this was proposed and seems ridiculous."

Try here pal:

Worrying that a congress member would either try to mislead the public in order to score points or that he simply understands what it is he votes on. Shame Bohemond4... Shame.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,881, 07:26

Or he just misread VAT for import tax. It is a bit of a weird system that shows VAT levels for products that cannot have VAT added. It is important that we remember to remove the massive 99% WRM import tax if there is a chance of us losing congress, as we'd have no bonuses, pushing WRM to twice the minimum price.

Alfagrem Day 1,881, 07:58

WRM wouldn't be pushed to twice the price as you'd have eUKers moving abroad, buying it at regular rate and selling back in eUK markets for at most a 0.01 mark-up.

Bohemond4 Day 1,881, 10:47

bah, I misread it!

my apologies to you all, I will edit my article shortly.

FightAndProduce Day 1,881, 10:54

Income tax is actually not a big part of the eUK's funding.

VAT is much more important to the eUK.

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Day 1,881, 10:59

'misread' - or you saw my name and could only think badly of it?

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,881, 11:01

Fairly easy to check who is in Congress and who isn't.

Only one Congressmen tried to abuse the system and that was you lobbying for people to vote your way.

Jamie2721 Day 1,882, 07:45

I agree with Alfa, you have bizarre reasons for trying to increase tax

Jamie2721 Day 1,882, 08:21

I can't believe we waste so much time on arguing about taxes.

All we need are MPP's, all the other money is spent on a few players trying to make themselves feel important. Fair enough, it's a game and that's not a crime, but if we're trying to run our country sensibly (which i hope we do), then we should be cutting taxes to an absolute minimum

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