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[Announcement] Military rebuild, Academy creation!

Day 1,900, 22:47 Published in New Zealand Serbia by Mister Terminator

Kia ora Kiwis,

As you all noticed our Army is in hibernation, long sleep (my opinion that is too long) … but it’s time to wake up a little, and step by step to rebuild our Nation’s Army!
I think many of our Citizens will be happy to see movement in our National Army, and our Allies as well.

• History [short version]
Younger Citizens don’t know, but eNew Zealand was one of the strongest small Countries in the eRepublik, but beside that we always was Nation who was peaceful, friendly and loyal to our Allies. Our war campaigns was only when our Country was under foreign threats and many times we had to defend our self’s or to defend our beloved Allies, but we always was successful in all our campaigns at the end, and we proudly can say that we are one of the rarest eCountries in the eRepublik who always had Congress from the first day when eNew Zealand was added on the map.

• Fresh blood, fresh start!
This rebuild will give a chance to anyone who want to be involved in rebuilding our military, not just the military but the entire nation. Everyone will get chance to prove himself worthy to work for eNew Zealand. Having said all that, our first and logical move is to create “NZ Army Academy” where via mentorship program, where elders will pass their knowledge & skills to the new recruits and most importantly at the end newbies will learn what does it mean to be eKiwi.

Everyone who would like to be involved in mentorship program as mentors, contact me for more informations.

If you are already interested to join Academy as recruit, feel free to contact me personally and we will start building Academy, along with mentors as well. All requirements for joining Academy and parts of the program will be published in next article, but I have to say almost everyone in Division 1 & 2 will meet the requirements and some in Division 3 as well.

• Military Unit “NZ Army Academy”
Military Unit “NZ Army CoT Mobile Forces” will be renamed in to “NZ Army Academy” and will be given to Academy for use of, and existing fighters in “NZ Army CoT Mobile Forces” will be taken care of. ;)

• Be ready, we have to practice!
In spirit of Army rebuild, all New Zealand citizens will have “training day” where our Army will fight for chosen Ally with full power. NZ government will provide weapons for all NZ Military Units. Kiwis get ready and save your EB’s if is needed, we want to win that chosen battle!
Training day will be in a couple of days, it will be published very soon.

IF you have any question, suggestion, idea or anything to say about this article, feel free to contact me.

Your loyal eKiwi,


Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,900, 22:56

NZ Announcement: Military rebuild, Academy creation!


Llillo Day 1,901, 23:08


ANTINIANKU Day 1,901, 23:25


Ruprecht Kroenen
Ruprecht Kroenen Day 1,901, 23:56


Danilo Escopeta
Danilo Escopeta Day 1,901, 00:24


Judoka7 Day 1,901, 01:00

O7 Go NZ!!!!

gungas Day 1,901, 01:13

o7 hail nz
Hail maoris
Hail Chile
Hail Bulgaria
Hail CoT

Fanktastic Day 1,901, 03:18


Armaga Day 1,901, 05:31


EternalLightStream Day 1,901, 05:36

Sounds good.I ever built it 1 years ago but not ran so well,I hope you can manage it better than mine...

StylerPFC Day 1,901, 07:30

Nice idea... o7

Allerbmu Day 1,901, 12:20

One eager recruit reporting to the academy Just let me know what I have to do. Thanks.

Trento96 Day 1,902, 20:26

YES YES YES! If you need some help, Mr. T, you know you can just ask me.

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,903, 06:28


Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,904, 01:43

Well now it's time to make Academy, it's simple why!

Last year weapons was cheap, new players easy could afford weapons and food.
But now situation is different, economy crisis are around the world, new players will be happy to be supplied.

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