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[ADB] Meet the Albanian Defense Brigade

Day 1,934, 07:07 Published in USA Albania by KOSOVA Batoa

Some ten days we announced the formation of a new Military Unit in eRepublik, the Albanian Defense Brigade. Since that time we have grown to 21 members strong and are dealing in the 50,000,000 to 70,000,000 range daily in influence.

Fortunately, we still have plenty of room to grow!

Our goal is simple. Form together a group of international players interested in working to free Albania, protect her Allies, and have fun playing the game as a laid-back military unit.

Here is a look at those who have joined us so far:

Command Staff

Maxx Johnson


Active Members

Loren Sh


New Faustian Man

ALB Penicilin

Mikhail Alexander







LioneX aKa MeDzeLi

Cmdr K

iI L Y R I D Aa




The Albanian Defense Brigade continues to look for members who are interested in joining our cause.

The ADB offers three supply options. You may work in an ADB company and will receive 10q7 tanks per day. You may choose to work on your own, and in turn self-supply your weaponry. Also, you may choose to donate your labor, but still self-supply your tanks.

- The ADB is recruiting in DIVISION 4 only. This is the biggest need in the defense of eAlbania so we are targeting recruitment there at this time.
- We are looking for International members. Again, the goal is to increase the output of eAlbania not simply move it from one group to another. At this time we are accepting members who are from other eNations.
- - A medium to high level of activity is required. You must be able to check into the game several times per day to hit at a time when MU priorities need influence.
- IRC use is highly recommended, as is idling in the MU chatroom.
- Must be willing to fight in MU ordered battles, and be willing to deploy to fight in mobile battles as needed
- Must be willing to link to the in-game MU via eGov

If you are interested in joining us Apply Here



Maxx Johnson
Maxx Johnson Day 1,934, 07:08

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,934, 07:09

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

Cmdr K
Cmdr K Day 1,934, 07:11

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

k0llht0s Day 1,934, 07:13

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

LmBigger Day 1,934, 07:14

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

The.Dude Day 1,934, 07:16

Fidelis ad Mortem

now these are my kind of peeps \o/

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,934, 07:26

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

Edelmann Day 1,934, 07:37


Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 1,934, 07:44


I love your frame!

AlbRepublik Day 1,934, 07:50

Fidelis ad Mortem o7
And ofc im the best here!

Loren Sh
Loren Sh Day 1,934, 07:51

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 1,934, 08:45

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

LioneX aKa MeDzeLi
LioneX aKa MeDzeLi Day 1,934, 10:05


Arfan-Khan Day 1,934, 11:11


The avatars look amazing.

l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Day 1,934, 11:26

Fidelis ad Mortem o7

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,934, 11:51

You had me until SGT Rock. Pity.

Aamir1khan Day 1,934, 11:51


Rorschach C
Rorschach C Day 1,934, 12:06

po un ku jam mo

Vaskoliki Day 1,935, 23:08

До године у Призрену.

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