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Day 2,232, 07:46 by TyrannosaurusCaptinrex

Hey SFP Members.
I threw together 2 forms to keep our wall clean of Newspaper articles that need votes.
But I will need people to sign-up for it (You won't have to do anything but vote articles and receive a few PMs). We are getting bigger and more active so I thought it might be good to start a Vote Program, So I did. If your A non-SFP Member and you want to sign up go right ahead.

Sign-Up Here.
Thanks o7



TyrannosaurusCaptinrex Day 2,232, 08:38

Comment deleted

Phoenix Quinn
Phoenix Quinn Day 2,233, 05:52

Mostly they are hungry ghosts. A few are zombies.

TyrannosaurusCaptinrex Day 2,233, 14:37


Phoenix Quinn
Phoenix Quinn Day 2,234, 06:40

Just joking. They have stopped playing but haven't been deleted yet.

Haselrig Day 2,233, 12:07

We don't discriminate against the non-living here

Bob Reklambud
Bob Reklambud Day 2,234, 07:46


TyrannosaurusCaptinrex Day 2,234, 09:38


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