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[eMY News] Southeastern Asia, party election, upcoming event

11 vor 2 Tagen Malaysia Gesellschaftliches Zusammenspiel und Unterhaltung Gesellschaftliches Zusammenspiel und Unterhaltung

Dear eMalaysians,

I was thinking to share you some informations about some happenings.


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[eMY MoD order] Sarawak - Fight for Malaysia

12 Tag 2,322, 09:22 Malaysia Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Dear eMalaysians,

After consulting with the eThai gov, they started the RW at region Sarawak. They liberate it to us, so we must fight there hard, because they have a … mehr »

[eMY MoD order] Why we let Sarawak to be conquered by Thailand

38 Tag 2,316, 10:19 Malaysia Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Dear eMalaysians,

Our country is under a PTO risk. The government decided to let occupied the country till the end of the congress election process, so asked Thailand … mehr »

[eMY MoD order] Move to Thailand and acknowledgement

19 Tag 2,314, 08:16 Malaysia Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Dear eMalaysians,

Everything is restored to the normal, we successfully liberated Sarawak. The Training War with Thailand finished. Hereby I would mehr »

[eMY MoD order] Sabah informations - UPDATE

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The waited Sarawak RW just started, fight for Malaysia to … mehr »