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[CP] What was the Tyrant formely known as Rylde up to?

55 Tag 2,543, 01:08 Veröffentlicht in Canada Canada Politische Debatten und Analysen Politische Debatten und Analysen

I was enjoying my Halloween weekend with the girlfriend and I ended up having family coming to town to meet her cause I think I may have found the one. Erepublik totally took a back seat while real … mehr »

[CP] UK Continued Aggression

6 Tag 2,536, 23:47 Veröffentlicht in Canada Canada Finanzgeschäfte Finanzgeschäfte

Well as congress has decided on continued aggression on the UK and the nation like myself likes war, time to give me the tools to wage it.

As were close to a new election I don't want to make any more … mehr »

[CP] Wars not Over???

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Well I guess the war won't be ending this week. Whatever war is good for business anyways. Mostly yours not mine as I rock and roll CO's with no companies so wars a b1tch … mehr »

[CP] Dreaded no Win scenario

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Every once in awhile your put in a situation where you have to turn a forth coming defeat into some semblance of victory. This past weekend was my own … mehr »

[CP] You know the Drill

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I think Hitgirl said it best with "So you wanna play?".

Drop everything you got holding the line against Albania. if the walls over 55% … mehr »