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Top 100- Rylde's picks

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As promised I'm making known who my top 5 picks for best eCanadian are as were all filled up. The picks are my choices of who demonstrates that which is best in this … mehr »

War Machine under Construction

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Raising funds for entertainment against the nations enemies since Brucks Canucks and Crimson Canucks when CC really meant something besides … mehr »

Message to IronToader

10 vor 5 Tagen Kanada Gesellschaftliches Zusammenspiel und Unterhaltung Gesellschaftliches Zusammenspiel und Unterhaltung

As per CptKaydee's profile note "you pooped in the refrigerator?".

Nah but I've sharted more than once in my day. If I counted it on 2 hands how many … mehr »

National Pride.. Warning to Serbia

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Maybe Serbia didn't get the memo. Maybe Serbia didn't see us waste 8 months of our nationality standing up to a nation … mehr »

The Old Code... Top 100?

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Regardless of the title this article is about the top 50 I set up almost a week ago. You F**ckers must be bored … mehr »