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Close the Damn door!!! 1 of 10 Combat Stashes?

26 vor 5 Tagen Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Sh*t has officially hit the fan and when that happens in this game you need 2 things. Idiots with money and an even bigger idiot to lead the charge.
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War Machines Call to Arms

62 vor 5 Tagen Kanada Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Take a lesson from War Machines attempt at creating some fun that if your ever bored in life go throw some rocks at a hornets nest. You won't be bored … mehr »

[WM] Will to win

27 vor 7 Tagen Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

I've been wrong in this game more than I can count on 2 hands but I know one thing, we need a victory. Everyone that has ever … mehr »

[WM] Target Acquired

30 Tag 2,483, 18:29 Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Well the top 100's scenario vote turned into a one sided affair quickly and TemujinBCs scenario of Airstrike Indonesia steamrolled all … mehr »

Pick your poison War Machine

46 Tag 2,478, 22:37 Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

The next phase of the war machine project is steamrolling forward with 5 scenario's being chosen. All members of the top 100 have received there … mehr »