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[CP] Calculated Gamble

47 vor 4 Tagen Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse


Its been quite the week we've been having in the war against tyranny and oppression. Myself and the CP of France were both … mehr »

[CP] Hell of a War

76 Tag 2,335, 15:43 Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Again a huge thank you to MEK and our allies for helping to fight against our oppressors. We may be under constant attack and in a uphill unwinnable war but I think … mehr »

[CP] MEK Resistance and Top 50

31 Tag 2,334, 04:29 Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Today looks to be a good day for the war effort thx to the efforts of the MU MEK. Its there second birthday today and they decided … mehr »

[CP] Stand Ready & Updates

43 Tag 2,333, 15:31 Kanada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

I have a few updates and military orders to impart to our citizens during our dark times. Our resistance attacks were … mehr »

[CP] Renewed Vigour

32 Tag 2,330, 09:41 Kanada Politische Debatten und Analysen Politische Debatten und Analysen

Well your stuck with me for a guarenteed 4 more weeks of yours truly in the CP chair as we have no congress. I was elected less on last terms actions and more … mehr »