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Battle of Belgium and others..

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Hello dear Israeli people,
Lately i'm not as active as i used to be in the past. I usually serve as an advisor of Country Presidents, mainly as observator.

I saw that many people have been … mehr »

Sayeret Matkal, Daily Supply Program

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Hello dear eIsraeli people,
Hello brave Sayeret Matkal soldiers,

Sayeret Matkal is the first Military Unit founded in Israel by Joe Franco. Delivering damage in the name of Israel and its allies.
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I love Miki!

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This is an article just to express my eternal love to Miki!!!

Miki , I LOVE You!!!

And By the way, i need 25 comments for the mission!!!


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[CP] Monthly Summary [ENG/HEB]

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Greetings my fellow citizens.

I’m writing this article to summarize my presidency term.
This month was a really tough term for Israel. I and my cabinet worked really hard … mehr »

[CP] Israel's War of Indepedence / מלחמת העצמאות של ישראל [ENG/HEB]

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Greetings my fellow citizens,

At the beginning of my presidential term on 6th of the month I promised you that I will work hard on liberating at least one region in order … mehr »