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The musings of Artela, never the same twice

East Midlands

7 Tag 1,092, 08:39 Großbritannien

'nuff said … mehr »

[Artela] Around the UK Day 1091

3 Tag 1,092, 03:35 Großbritannien

It looks like yesterday was a fairly good day all round from a UK Army perspective – we managed to keep the Syrup Miners out of the East of England, and we also … mehr »

[Artela] Many a slip twixt brain and keyboard

3 Tag 1,091, 04:10 Großbritannien

I’m going to start with an apology. For those of you who think I made a complete and utter muck up of the past week, yes, you’re right, and I’m sorry. Mea Culpa. Some of you … mehr »

[Artela] Let's roll back the clock

2 Tag 1,089, 16:22 Großbritannien

Well, it would seem that the Home Guard and the Army cannot sit side-by-side without it causing some heartache for the army, so in the interests of the eUK and its army … mehr »


7 Tag 1,087, 05:03 Großbritannien

Just a short update today. It isn't often that I let the outside world intrude into my thoughts in eRep, but today will be an exception.

Lest We Forget.

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