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Goodbye Ireland, and Hello Poland!

Tag 1,820, 20:13 Veröffentlicht in Canada Polen von Cowkiller2

Well, as we all should know by now, our little “Practice War” with our friendly neighborhood Ireland will be ending soon.

I know, I know. It was fun while it lasted. And we should all thank Ireland for offering this opportunity with us. Good luck in whatever comes next guys!

Meanwhile, in Canada, Poland still has control of the west. Their troops continue marching down what were once Canadian streets. What are still Canadian streets.

And my friends, this is no ‘practice’ war... This is the real thing.
And it is up to you to insure that the Canadians in these occupied provinces can live under our proud Canadian government once more!

Now I call upon you, the Canadian people! Join the resistance!

Move to Polish occupied Canada! And fight for Canadians everywhere!
We’re all counting on you!

~Neio119 Signing Off~



El Marin
El Marin Tag 1,820, 20:25

Voted + S, had fun with the article and pictures haha xD!! lol

Neio119 Tag 1,820, 20:31

I hope to do more of these. And probably on even more topics!

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Tag 1,820, 20:56

I don't think the majority of Polish troops look Asian

Neio119 Tag 1,820, 21:05

You never know. Poland is pretty large, and there is a high possibility that many of them are immigrants looking for work?

chewytaz Tag 1,821, 04:43

'You never know. Poland is pretty large, and there is a high possibility that many of them are immigrants looking for work?"
Been there but it's a small minority most are ethnic poles.

As for the "every canadian must fight"
I thought lol I should Resist the resistance.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Tag 1,821, 05:21


Isaac Rose
Isaac Rose Tag 1,821, 19:20

Poland has been pushing EVERYONE around for too long! I'm currently in France, helping THEM liberate their rightful lands!

Neio119 Tag 1,821, 19:24

All respect toward you. I wish you luck in liberating France from imperial Poland.

TheBurningMan Tag 1,821, 19:39


eliteskillz Tag 1,822, 15:21

"I don't think the majority of Polish troops look Asian -- Lord Beorn"

I think those are the Canadians..

Neio119 Tag 1,822, 17:31

Truthfully, they're Korean...
Because, North Korea is oppressive (in the real world, atleast... Dunno about here), as is Poland....
And since oppressive governments have to stick together, North Korea leant troops to Poland for parades!

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