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10 Dia 1,849, 18:52 Reino Unido Ordens de batalha Ordens de batalha

As most of you know, I was wrong. A resistance war did flare up in Flanders. However, I was right that military units would make us fight for the UK. However, this is not as influential as it should be due to one thing: ALL GOVERNMENTAL MEMBERS ARE

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The NO-SPIN Zone

3 Dia 1,848, 17:37 Reino Unido Entretenimento e interações sociais Entretenimento e interações sociais

No, my name's not Bill O'Reilly. However, in light of recent events, I will modify his "No-Spin Zone" to suit my purposes:

I am no fan of comments which are propaganda for or against the British government. This is not what the Tribune was meant

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Response to Comments: Is the War on Belgium a Training War?

10 Dia 1,848, 17:29 Reino Unido Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

I realize that many of those associated with the government have been making comments on some of my previous articles that imply that the war on Belgium is just a practice; that we will basically give the land back after we have some Battle Heroes

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Why the UK is creaming Belgium in the attack on Flanders

2 Dia 1,847, 13:46 Reino Unido Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

OK, so the UK has attacked Flanders, Belgium. Once the aura fades from this rare occasion, the analysis begins: the UK is creaming Belgium. The biggest question stands: why?

The answer can be explained as easily as 1 - 2 - 3:

1. The UK has

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Finally: the UK actually retaliates.

7 Dia 1,847, 13:39 Reino Unido Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

As most of those reading this article probably know, the country of Belgium staged an attack against the United Kingdom's East of England a couple of days ago. This attack was an epic fail on the part of the Belgians, and the UK is retaliating.

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