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Who would you Take a Bullet for???

39 Dia 1,234, 17:03 Canadá

With the world at war and with the Canadians finally starting to get more involved I thought I'd write a new article about trust, brotherhood and honor.

Many … mais informações »

[MDP]Rewards Loyalty

25 Dia 1,231, 08:12 Canadá

I have come nto possession of 10 Q5 houses 3 of which have already been given away. If you are an MDP member please leave a comment below and your name will be put on a list to … mais informações »

[MDP] Rylde Interviews The Cheeseburgers Daddy

15 Dia 1,225, 21:37 Canadá

Part 2 of my Interviews series is with the Sheppard of the cheeseburger herd Addy Lawrence.

Caution Addy is a blowhard that talks alot proceed with caution. Contents may … mais informações »

[MDP] Rylde Interviews Jacobi

24 Dia 1,224, 18:14 Canadá

Well for my opening interview series I'll be talking and interogating I mean interviewing the president that just won't go the F*** away Jacobi.

Rylde- So are u nervous about the … mais informações »

Court of eCanada vs. Rylde???

7 Dia 1,192, 03:19 Canadá

This is the new case that I have just recently tried to open with the courts of ecan.

I would like to present a possible new case … mais informações »