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Exiled Legionnaires Recruiting

14 Dia 1,320, 14:30 Canadá Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

Well Exiled legionnaires is officially launching and beginning its recruitment drive.

The destruction of Canada brought about the birth of The Crimson order so now … mais informações »

Exiled Legionnaires 10 Gold Logo Contest

15 Dia 1,318, 21:39 Canadá Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

Exiled legionnaires is a new militia currently fine tuning itself for its official launching.

I've personally debated this for months and … mais informações »

My Top 10 favorite Movies Countdown

16 Dia 1,314, 01:49 Canadá Entretenimento e interações sociais Entretenimento e interações sociais

Well this is my shortlist of top 10 favorite movies. Got bored of listening to Aeriala and decided to throw it together. His accusations and excuses do get … mais informações »

Terrorist Spotted in NWT

21 Dia 1,312, 00:39 Canadá Análise e debates políticos Análise e debates políticos

NWT is and always has been my house. So do your part as an uninformed voter to vote Rylde under the MDP banner for congress in NWT. Who doesn't like new age terrorist's … mais informações »

[OPC] Official Statement

50 Dia 1,307, 14:07 Canadá Análise da guerra Análise da guerra


This will be my last statement on behalf of OPC the organization formed to oppose Rolo's leadership of Canada as it has been officially dissolved from active duty.

Rolo as we all know has been officially impeached and removed from

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