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Depici'ye cevap [Greek & English Translation]

7 Dia 2,359, 14:46 Chipre Primeiros passos no eRepublik Primeiros passos no eRepublik

For our gavurs I made translation qnqi;

I ma segwietx panpa , ħaffer bħal dik? soċjetà sarmiy m'għadux fil-logħba , iżda huwa diġà sarmiiy . Logħba AMK sħiħa ta 'oġġetti . Jew xi kultant nistaqsi lili nnifsi hija "I Easho , int arroganti ta 'lili

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17 Dia 2,357, 11:58 Chipre Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

Melaba qnqiler or should i say melaba pis pezevenk hainler?

A catalunyan karpaz donkey told me to come online to watch an article. This article was written by oruspu cocuk called stenleyipkis. He announced that Cyprus is now in the amk alliance

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[Dr. Packesel] Goodbye, farewell erepublik!

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It was a great time with you. Enjoyed my trips to Catalunya, France, Ireland, Bosna i Hercegovina, and to this little island.
Love to Daghdha, Grainne Ni Mhaille, two who I know since I'm on this website, Rauf Raif Denktash for pushing all my

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History Of Cyprus (real story)

21 Dia 2,335, 08:46 Chipre Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

qnqiq first there were frenchler qnqlier and freddy mercury on this island, thats why the mountain olympos is known as mercurolympos mostly however then football player Rod Fanni von Olympique Lyonnais came here said qnqi its very qnqi berererehaber

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Interview with YellowPeePee [EN/GR]

18 Dia 2,322, 09:22 Chipre Entretenimento e interações sociais Entretenimento e interações sociais


Dr. Packesel:

melaba muhammed
I would like to interview and publish the article in cyprus newspaper haberli qnqi. Would you like to start?


kanky i'm mobile now. i cant answer you right now :(


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