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Ronald Gipper Reagan for Country President: American Exceptionalism and Cabinet

Day 1,867, 00:59 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan
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I am going to reveal a large portion of my Presidential cabinet in just a moment, but before then, I wanted to talk a little bit about a topic near and dear to my heart, that of American exceptionalism. You have surely seen my opponents running negative smear campaigns against me, rather than actually talking about what it is that makes America great. I decided I am going to spend less time responding to their negative campaigning, and more about why I believe in our nation and why I feel so strongly that I am the one who can restore American exceptionalism to our country as your President.

I believe so strongly that this should be a nation where all people are free and equal under the eyes of the law and the all-seeing eye of Admin. For too long has hatred and division wrecked our nation. I offer a simple solution. I ask you to join me in unifying America. The only people who would oppose such an idea are the ones more concerned with personal vendettas than building up our country. We need a nation where all Americans who wish to fight for our country and serve its interests receive funding and are allowed to serve in the US military. We need a nation where our resource bonuses are restored and money flows into the accounts of our citizens and into the coffers of our national treasury. We need a nation where our country is respected by our friends and foes alike around the world, rather than being considered untrustworthy and dishonorable.

While it is unfortunate that the interest in eRepublik has waned in the RL USA over time, I think it is wonderful that something good has come of it. There are so many people from both the real life United States and across the world who now proudly call this nation home. It represents what built our country to begin with. People from all over came here, became a part of this giant melting pot we call America, and became part of this national identity we have, that of being Americans. One of the characteristics that is most exceptional about America is just that, ANYONE who believes in our values of freedom, liberty, and prosperity has a right to join us. Contrary to what some say, this is not a vice, instead it is a virtue which makes us unique among the nations of the world.

I will work with anyone who wants to help me make our country strong, united, and fun again. We simply do not need more of the same failed policies of the past. We need a bright future. We need something different, and who better to do that than a guy whose hero and namesake is one of the greatest Presidents our nation has ever seen? There are those who say it can’t be done, or who want to try to destroy optimism with anger and hatred. I know we can overcome this. We can achieve our goals. We can do anything. After all, we are Americans....

President-to-be Reagan’s cabinet poses for a group photo.

The Cabinet- There are some people who have expressed interest that are not on this list. There are still plenty of positions within each Department available, so you will be included when the Administration begins should I be so fortunate as to be elected the next President.

Vice President - Matracuca
A longtime American citizen, multiple term Congressman, military commander, AFA Secretary General, and respected leader in the Romanian-American community, he will provide the country with a very competent and experienced number two as well as assist with uniting Americans, and Americans with our friends abroad.

Chief of Staff - Captain Qwark
A very experienced Congressman, party leader, and former White House Chief of Staff.

Deputy Chief of Staff - Viarizi
His organization and coordination skills are excellent, and will be very helpful here.

Secretary of Defense - Sidarta
A seasoned diplomat with many contacts around the world. He will strengthen military relations with some of our allies who have been distanced from us as well as bring new ones into the fold. He is also a major MU Commander and has experience organizing supplies, designating orders, and building military strength.

Deputy Secretary of Defense - Zeng999
A former USA Congressman with a great deal of experience in American militia service.

Secretary of State - Hanibal LA
A veteran US Congressman, party leader, and two time Presidential candidate. HLA has a wide range of contacts around the world and will be an excellent choice for chief diplomat.

Deputy Secretary of State - Muebleitorr
A former member of the Mexican MOFA team, he will provide important assistance in this department as we seek to strengthen our foreign policy during my Administration.

Director of Ambassadorial Affairs - Stef40
He is a very enthusiastic player with Ambassadorial experience and will be able to effectively appoint and manage this important department.

NSC Chairman - To Be Determined

Secretary of Interior - Aarons-Miller
An experienced politician and former US military Officer whose political views will serve this position well in helping the downtrodden and in need be supplied with the resources they need to survive and defend America.

Secretary of Media - Captain Kushskiller2001
An articulate writer whose status as a very passionate and outspoken convert to the Alliance, and long history of writing articulate and well structured articles will make him a natural in this position and in expressing the happenings of the Presidency to the public.

Deputy Secretary of Media - BrandonJ
An experienced writer who can be relied on to provide the general public with fair and concise news regarding your government.

Secretary of Homeland Security- Viarizi
A several term Congressman who will fix the corrupt immigration system and make sure that all new immigrants intend to serve our countries best interests. He will also root out and fight against domestic national security threats.

Secretary of Education- Shermain
A very knowledgeable player who has a lot of experience with helping newbies get acquainted to the game. As Executive Officer of AED he has helped a lot of new players, and will do so on a larger scale in this role.

Secretary of Immigration- Jegarmister
An experienced Swedish diplomat, he has a wide range of experience in dealing with these matters and handling a similar department in a nation with long diplomatic ties to the USA. He will be able to impartially handle this Department and will be a valuable asset to our country.

Secretary of Treasury - Daniel Quayle
He has extensive experience in basically every avenue of government, and is known as an expert at conserving money and balancing budgets. With the fiscal crisis we currently have, this will be a much needed skill.

Governor - Enkel
A former Congressman, his role as the Governor is being responsible for helping to maintain national order and cohesion.

Prime Minister - k1tho
K1tho is a veteran Greek Officer and American Congressman who will be the first to serve in an actual position of Prime Minister. The PM will act as the executive liaison to the Congress and try to make the Congress function in a way which will allow the government to run smoothly.

Presidential Advisory Council- To Be Determined

Finally, since I was not included in the so-called “debate” that just occurred, I challenge any or all of my opponents to a debate. Will they accept? Nope, because they don’t like to debate the actual issues, but hey, I will issue the challenge anyway, so go ahead and make sure they are aware. 🙂

Vote Ronald Gipper Reagan for President on Saturday, January 5th


sofocle1 Day 1,867, 01:07


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,867, 01:08


Matracuca Day 1,867, 01:11


Specii de la SKH
Specii de la SKH Day 1,867, 01:14


LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 01:14

To clarify:
RGR did not win the AFA party endorsement.
He was not even nominated.
To vote for the AFA CP candidate:,23601.0.html

LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 01:15

This my friends is democracy.

The democracy that the AFA elitists keep from Americans.

Fettis Day 1,867, 01:22

No, PTO party don't deserve to get CP just by getting more and more serbs to vote for them, no.

ligtreb Day 1,867, 01:31

Ronald Gipper Reagan has worked against this country's interests during his whole career (and in his past under different citizen names, including Ajay Bruno).

Be careful who you're voting for, and look closely at who is supporting him.

CTEBAH 88 Day 1,867, 01:32


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,867, 01:35

Oh good Lord.... here come the trolls...

Can you people do ANYTHING but sling mud? People want some positive ideas... not this garbage.

LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 01:38

^Positive idea:
Reform the AFA to allow free speech and support the right to vote.

As it stands now they are not trolls but defenders of democracy.

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,867, 01:43

The new President of the eUSA
The new army is ready for you o7/

Publius Day 1,867, 01:44

I look forward to hearing the results of your primary, Mr. Rahl, and I am glad the AFA chose freedom and democracy this round. That is a truly positive idea.

Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Day 1,867, 01:46



No face No name No number
No face No name No number Day 1,867, 02:04


Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,867, 03:51

Being American............How exactly do you define that?
Who are the Americans? Are Italians, Spanish, English, French, Swedish, Danish? Or what?

Obama.Putin Day 1,867, 04:38


el Seguis de MOMO
el Seguis de MOMO Day 1,867, 04:51

hail \o/

VampirisLav Day 1,867, 05:21

Potus , 'Murican megasoreass the dinasoreus.

"You effed up Ronnie!"

Silly 'Muricans.

MadiMadeleine Day 1,867, 05:27


LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 05:31

Americans have American citizenship. This is not a hard concept.

Sir Gulden Draak
Sir Gulden Draak Day 1,867, 05:52

Have fun losing another one. 0-12.

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,867, 06:08

Si gulden draak, I will make sure he doesn't lose this time.

Sir Gulden Draak
Sir Gulden Draak Day 1,867, 06:21

@Elnoor: Hope you have some bots, RGR is the most hated man in eUSA. There is a reason he has lost 11 times without winning one.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,867, 06:49

Pizza you FAIL!!!

Hanibal, get rid of this moron to finally win elections!

Cendorr Day 1,867, 07:40


Viarizi Day 1,867, 08:01


Pary 82
Pary 82 Day 1,867, 08:06

!SHOUT!! Free q7 weps!!! just sub and vote !!SHOUT!!

LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 08:12

The AFA does not HAVE a democratic process.
The AFA elitists exclude voters from voting.
The AFA elitists silence free speech.

Do not be fooled by their protests to the contrary this 'election' was rigged by the AFA elitists.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,867, 08:23

Notice there isn't even any americans there that were BORN here? Hue

Mikson reborn
Mikson reborn Day 1,867, 08:26

Vote !! For stronger America !!

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,867, 08:26

Ajay sent me this threat during the debate on WWW
<pthut> you will pay
<pthut> you are going to wish you never eMet me aeriala
If you believe he is someone who should lead a nation you might wanna get your own head examined.

HAMradio Day 1,867, 08:33

V + S

Hunter Dean Rivett
Hunter Dean Rivett Day 1,867, 08:42




SSQuercus Day 1,867, 08:44


Hunter Dean Rivett
Hunter Dean Rivett Day 1,867, 08:45

This is also an exceptionally well made cabinet!

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,867, 09:06

So now, the Fascism and Patriotism (Nationalism) of Americans primates......You hypocrites, you fought two wars against Fascism and Nazism and know you are using it yourself. Damn devils!

And what do you have against RGR? Insults? THat he give you insults? Well what the hell did you think you will receive when you all are so against him. Sad and Pathetic!

Iamnameless Day 1,867, 09:18

Loserpalooza \o/

LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 09:20

^Look Eloor; the AFA elitist oppose democracy. They oppose free speech. Why would Americans defend the AFA elitists who stand against American values?

The people of the AFA must be freed from their oppression.

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 1,867, 09:37

AFA is not democratic party, its owned by
Ronald Gipel Reagon, and people opinion is nothing for him

loftedraptor Day 1,867, 09:37

Vote Ronald Gipper Reagan for President. Pay the Elitists back for 3+ years of Oppression, Domestic PTOs, Dirty Tricks, and Bad Stewardship of America. New Players, Do not be fooled by their slander of players who disagree with them.

LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 09:40

^ The problem with that is that RGR is THE elitist of elitists.

Stef40 Day 1,867, 09:42


ElmieJr Day 1,867, 09:47

RGR, Most of these guys are in AFA, you didn't even bother picking other people from different parties. If you really wanted unity, you would have at least chosen people on your cabinets from different parties. Just saying.

Viarizi Day 1,867, 09:50

Ronald Gipper Reagan for President.

Pay the Elitists back for their Oppression.

Do not be fooled by their slander.

And dont forget: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!

ex.: LordRahl2, Rimisark1, etc...

LordRahl2 Day 1,867, 10:01


No. This is speech. Unfortunately the AFA elitist (like you) despise opposition to their dictatorial rule and use every method possible to squash it.

Calling speech 'spam' and the voters who have been suppressed 'trolls' is just another method of suppressing free speech.

Syz2 Day 1,867, 10:02

Interesting, you have been challenged to political debates numerous times in the past and didn't even show up if I recall, but are now finally open to one?

+1 to Elmie
"RGR, Most of these guys are in AFA, you didn't even bother picking other people from different parties. If you really wanted unity, you would have at least chosen people on your cabinets from different parties. Just saying."

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,867, 10:06

If you start a debate regarding of how to rule America, then maybe yes there can be done a showdown. But if there a debate, where instead of talking about ruling matters, you talk about personal matters regarding the candidates (in the most pure american style), then good luck getting some loser to be present to your stupid debates/

Thedillpickl Day 1,867, 10:24


Don't really care anyhow, this is old news. Hanibal v Ajay, one or the other every month. Yeah, real democratic guys. And on the way down here I believe I saw a post saying that AFA didn't have a primary or vote, Ajay just claimed the nom. Figures.

Props for leaving the religious crap out of this article. You really did push it too much over Christmas.

Patrilum Day 1,867, 10:50

roger that! 🙂

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