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Country President election - The candidates(January/Februari)

Day 1,872, 09:47 Published in Belgium Belgium by tommot
Country President election - The candidates(January/Februari)

These are the candidates you can choose from:

BrunoCND from All TOgethers and supported by no less then 5 parties: Res Belgica, Belgium for Belgians, The Om Party, Netherlands BE Back and Belgian Monarchist Party
These are the articles he wrote on his candidacy:
Mabellene from H.O.P.E. and supported by Marxist-Leninist Belgium
This candidate has no articles.

Jens Leupe from Belgian Labour Party
There are no recent articles on this election made by this person.
His Newspaper: Belgian Labourer

Here it is, these are our choices.
Read there articles and there comments, it could help you make a good decision.
Remember that whomever you choose, they will be your voice and if elected even the voice of all eBelgians.

Please do vote and/or subscribe
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Kaad Day 1,872, 09:49

I like your attitude Jens Leupe, because you are sure that you won't win but you are still a candidate. Go on!

Good luck to all candidates!

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,872, 09:59

"you are sure that you won't win" => Why not?

Jensieee Day 1,872, 10:54

Well, I probably won't win this time, but I keep trying, and I certainly keep hoping 🙂.
And a coalition between all the small parties will be one of my achievements this time!!!
It is currently in the make, but it's looking good, and you'll see more in my newspaper when it succeeds.
And good luck to all the candidates, may the best win!
And tommot, my party program could be used to refer to my views 🙂.

Jensieee Day 1,872, 10:55

But keep up the good work, tommot!!!

Olv007 Day 1,872, 14:52

Good luck to all the candidates.

Cotarius Day 1,873, 02:56

Good luck to all

Alexandross Day 1,873, 08:34


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