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Come Writers and Critics Who Prophesize With Your Pen

Day 1,838, 14:19 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

Before I begin this article, I want to state that this does not represent any views of the government. I understand I am Secretary of Media, but whenever something is published in this paper, assume it to always be my personal views as a citizen of the country. I don’t want people jumping to conclusions and thinking my words are government policy, information, or opinion. With that understanding, I will continue with my thoughts.

Firstly, I’d like to give more personal thoughts on the presidential race at hand. I like all of the candidates, and I’m not particularly biased on this race. Yes, I was selected to be John Killah’s VP, but my role in the cabinet was not going to change much based upon my job title. One of my main concerns, as it always has been, is to open up more government channels of information and include more people in on non-confidential material. I’ve had discussions with all candidates about this, and included these thoughts in my earlier VP article. I want departments to report more, I want information to be more available, and I want citizens to be more involved and able to ask questions. I’m tired of the notion that our government is closed off from the majority. Regardless of who wins the presidency, I will stick to my goals as Media Secretary and serve as best I can.

There has also been some controversy regarding the Federalist Party lately. I recently wrote up an article about this for the Federalist Press. The vote in the Federalist Party was close, and there was a lot of campaigning going on. I received about three in-game messages from both competitive campaigns asking for my vote, so I think the late surge in voters is more likely due to mass messaging campaigns then dirty tricks as people would assume. There was not a mass exodus from John Jay’s vote total; people did not switch up their votes much. I’m tired of people attacking a party for something when they don’t even have a clear picture of what is going on. I voted for a candidate based on merit, and I assume other Federalists did the same. As the primary vote reveals, we are not a lockstep group, and we have a diversity of opinion. I value that diversity, and I think it is something to be proud of.

Lastly, I figured I should give my opinion of foreign affairs. I don’t usually do this because it’s not my main field of interest, but this is becoming a larger issue. For official government information on this, I direct you to President Cerb’s article. I understand the frustrations of a lot of people on this issue. The eUS is bringing itself into conflict with an EDEN nation, and as a result, is going to lose a lot of MPPs over this war. I have two main thoughts on this. First, MPPs can be re-signed, but you can’t turn your back on a bro. When Cerb signed those agreements with Brazil, Russia, and Albania, he did so because these countries are more than MPPs. They are true friends, they stand with us when things go bad, and they don’t ever turn their back on us when we need help. I value that more than I value on-again, off-again allies. Brazil’s fight is our fight.

Yes, some EDEN countries are good friends like Croatia and Greece, but we cannot continue a course of supporting some while the larger organization doesn’t support us. The Balkan wars are not our wars, and while I fought for Greece to defend their homeland, this cannot be our fight every month of every year. There will never be a conclusion to the fight there. It will continue to drain our resources in a war that goes back and forth year after year. As a country, we need to make a decision about what is best for us, not what is best for EDEN. I assume we will maintain our friendships with these countries after the conflict with Taiwan is resolved. We can be on different sides of a war and still end up fighting alongside each other and being allies once more. Our relationship with Brazil and Russia over the past few years is evidence for this.

That concludes my thoughts for now. Feel free to rant at me, but rant at me alone. I speak for no one but myself and my opinions. If anyone wants more of my thoughts on this matter, simply listen to this.



bigcdizzle Day 1,838, 14:26

Anybody who thinks that the Fed vote was tampered with is uninformed.

Good work NA.

logamac Day 1,838, 14:28

This article is sexy and I agree with it. The balkans is a waste of time. Attack the UK instead XD

Inwegen Day 1,838, 14:43

Great article, NA. You may be lacking experience in foreign affairs, but you're showing plenty of reason and logic with your arguments as always. Very well said throughout.

fingerguns Day 1,838, 14:48

I always love hearing your personal opinions

Well done

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,838, 14:53

Great writing, truthful, something I agree with completely.

Amazing Article. o7

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,838, 15:03

Great writing as always sir. We're lucky and proud to have you as a fed sir!

DokJon Day 1,838, 15:34


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,839, 04:20

Nice article....

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,839, 08:33

Well said.

The Artful Dodge
The Artful Dodge Day 1,843, 12:19

Great article

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